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A Day in the Life in Sales: Christopher Peterson

Posted by Nicole Bavis on Feb 26, 2021 8:30:00 AM

We interviewed the Sales Development Representative team at Turbonomic to find out more about what they do, why they do it, and advice to anyone looking to pursue a career as an SDR. 

In this blog, we talk to Christopher Peterson, who has been at Turbonomic for over 7 months. Read below to learn all about his journey!

What drew you to Turbonomic?

The size of Turbonomic, the technology, the culture, the industry, the position, and the leadership were all important factors that drew me to the company.

What is your proudest or most memorable moment at Turbonomic?

I have several. I feel like every new challenge led to a rewarding milestone. I came to Turbo with zero clue about the tech world/sales industry. A few memorable moments were my first time presenting the product, learning and completing the demo, getting my first meeting with a CIO, and succeeding as a team. Whenever anyone wins big on our team, it is a shared win and that is part of the culture that I truly believe in and take pride in.

Who is your biggest inspiration or mentor at Turbonomic?

I am inspired by many. When I get on the phone with my Account Executives (AEs) I’m constantly blown away by their knowledge and professionalism. I have worked very well with James Wilcox throughout my time here, I think we have a good work flow with each-other. My biggest inspirations are leaders like Steve Corndell, Graham Turner, Chris Ward, Ben Nye... it is hard to pick one. The common theme among them is their ability to get me excited about Turbonomic whenever our paths cross. Whether it is hearing Steve push the team or listening to Graham get everyone excited to crush numbers, these individuals always keep me sharp and get me amped for the future.

What advice do you have for an SDR working remotely?

My best advice is to set small goals and have them compound. In the beginning, it is daunting to learn about the tech and how to sell. To imagine being an AE when I first started was terrifying, but I have learned that with time and experience, it starts to flow more naturally. The most important thing to remember is that success is the result of consistency.  Celebrate the small wins that compound to equal the big ones - nothing happens overnight. Work hard, network with everyone, make yourself known, and don’t be afraid to stand out.

How does your team stay engaged and manage remote work during COVID?

I love working on the east coast team. I think we all have a great relationship and can learn from one another. We spend time outside of work on calls and put effort in to get to know each other, resulting in better workflow.

What is your biggest goal for the next year? What do you want to achieve next?

What I’d like to achieve next is a promotion to Account Executive. I want to continue to grow, network and learn. The title is important, and stepping up is the goal, but overall I want to be the best version of myself here at Turbonomic.

How would you describe the culture of Turbonomic/on your team?

Synergistic. We all complement each other nicely and are always willing to help. The culture is amazing here. Even though we’re remote, I constantly find myself getting excited for meetings - it provides a feeling of connectivity. I enjoyed being part of our sales kick-off call, you could feel the energy and excitement. Everyone was able to make it feel like we won as a team. While we shouted out specific people, I felt valued and ready to take on the next challenge.

What's the most rewarding part about working here?

Booking demos, and getting feedback from leaders at Turbo. Nothing beats the feeling of booking a meeting with a potential customer!  Since we are remote it can be challenging to judge our true progress, but when someone you admire praises you for your hard work, it is a really great feeling and makes me want to push 100x harder. 

Feedback and recognition are two very important pieces for the path to success. With working remotely, it is easy to fall into a slump if you have a bad week. But hearing words of encouragement is enough to fire back and crush it the next week!

What was it like to interview for the SDR role at Turbonomic?

Fantastic. I had zero nerves the second the call started and felt great after it was completed. It was a quick and easy process!

What excites you about working in the technology industry?

Being at the forefront of cutting edge tech that EVERYONE will need for their business. It is exciting to know that we have an incredible opportunity ahead of us. I also like that it is a fast paced industry full of intelligent peers.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to become an SDR/pursuing a career in the tech industry?

Do it. Whether you like sales or not, you learn a whole lot about yourself and your capabilities in this role. Not only that, but the role sets you up for success in life. You learn to speak to people, persuasion, understanding, networking, and so much more. This job is an essential step in my opinion.

What does it take to be successful as an SDR at Turbonomic?

Be consistent, celebrate the wins of you and your team, NETWORK with every Turbo, ask questions, be curious, be interested, listen to understand and have fun!

Thanks for the great advice, Christopher! If you’re interested in joining the Turbo Team, check out open roles here.

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