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A Day in the Life of an Engineer

Posted by Nicole Bavis on Sep 14, 2021 10:30:00 AM
In this blog, we talk to Ying Wei to learn more about her journey at Turbonomic as a Senior Software Engineer. Since joining Turbonomic, she has contributed to both on-premises and cloud features to improve the product. As a member of the Cloud Storage team, she has been working with team members to develop and enhance cloud storage support to the next phase. Besides writing code, she enjoys reading, traveling and brewing coffee.

What is your role here at Turbonomic?

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Turbonomic, specifically focusing on cloud optimization and cloud storage.

What drew you to Turbonomic?

I was drawn in by the fantastic solution that Turbo provides. We’re helping customers optimize resource performance and cost simultaneously, and providing engineers with great opportunities to truly make an impact. Engineers get a chance to improve the optimization algorithm and enlarge areas that Turbo can help with that benefit the entire IT industry. 

Meanwhile, during daily work, engineers also actively use multiple advanced technologies like cloud computing, application resources, and Kubernetes.  

What is a career milestone you are proud of?

A career milestone I’m proud of is working with the cloud storage team to design and develop cloud storage optimization from backend to frontend. 

I focus on the design and implementation of the cloud storage analysis algorithm, which understands performance characteristics for all block storage tiers from cloud providers and finds perfectly acceptable configurations for each individual volume, considering its history and current performance. It has been helping a lot of customers optimize their cloud storage setup and save money. Together with the team, we also built this blog to help users better understand details of cloud storage, and how Turbo achieves optimization. 

What excites you about the future of Turbonomic?

With the rapid development of cloud computing, application resources, and cloud native technologies, there will be more and more areas where Turbonomic can play a significant role, especially after joining IBM. Supported by a microservice platform that can be extended efficiently, Turbonomic is also able to handle larger environments and an increasing amount of resources. With that said, no matter the complexity and massive scale of IT infrastructure, Turbonomic has a promising future that will provide the next level of application resource management. 

What does a typical day in your job involve?

In the morning, there will be a quick standup meeting with the team to sync up with each other about working status. Everyone will summarize what was done yesterday, the ongoing work, and the plan for the day. Throughout the day I will participate in design and discussion meetings to share thoughts, suggestions, and solutions with colleagues. Most importantly, my day will be spent designing features and implementing them. Most of the time will be dedicated to programming, this includes writing code, testing code, and reviewing code from colleagues.

Additionally, based on scrum schedules, I will participate in backlog grooming, sprint planning, and retrospective meetings to help manage the development progress of the team.

Aside from daily work, there are also internal tech talks, which always cover some interesting technical topics. These talks serve as another outlet where engineers can gain new knowledge. There are also various activities to meet and connect with people in the company - for example, Turbo’s company meetings, DevelopHer and POCIT Book Club, beers on Friday afternoons, or massage sessions. Nowadays during the pandemic, there are colorful online sessions offered as well.

What about engineering inspires you?

Engineering inspires me to be creative and logical. I get a sense of achievement when I build new functionalities, offer help to other people, and acquire new knowledge. There are always endlessly new and advanced technologies that come to the field, which makes engineering always fresh and attractive.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to become an Engineer or pursuing a career in the tech industry?

My advice is to be proactive and take on challenges that are a bit beyond your current abilities. There can be obstacles, but during the process to solve them, new skills can be developed even without noticing. Also, take the chance to acquire new knowledge. Accumulation of new knowledge can build abilities to solve more complex problems.

What does it take to be successful as an Engineer at Turbonomic?

An engineer at Turbonomic is not just a software developer, but also a team contributor and project owner. Turbonomic provides engineers with great opportunities to grow. Engineers are welcome to propose ideas, play a role in major projects, and even lead projects.

What advice do you have for an Engineer working remotely? How does your team stay engaged and manage remote work?

Allocate dedicated working space as a home office area. You can also set up working devices like a monitor, an external keyboard, a standing desk, and so on. A home office makes it easier to focus and get rid of distractions. Turn on the camera when joining online meetings - this will not only help make people feel closer, but is a good way to fully express your thoughts and feelings during discussions.

Our team has daily standup meetings to update progress, where everyone has their camera turned on. We have scheduled scrum meetings to manage projects across the team, and 1-on-1 meetings with our manager to closely discuss experiences gained, lessons learned, and further career goals.

How would you describe the culture of Turbonomic/on your team?

Trust, Transparency and Performance.

What is the most rewarding part about working here?

The most rewarding part about working at Turbonomic is meeting the people and the team here. What I appreciate the most and recognize as the most rewarding aspect is not what I have achieved myself, but all I have learned from everyone I have met at Turbonomic. 

I improved my software development skills by learning from engineers who are more experienced than me. I also enhanced my communication skills and gained awareness of the importance of teamwork and cross-collaboration. At Turbonomic, people are willing to coordinate with each other and always offer help.

I gained more knowledge from my colleagues not only on software, but also on other interesting topics like the scenery of a city, art and literature of a different country. I entertain myself when chatting with people.

I like the working atmosphere here, which makes me enjoy both work and life. 

Turbonomic is hiring Cloud Engineers - apply here! You can also check out the full list of roles we're hiring for here.

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