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A Letter to Turbonomic Customers

Posted by Ben Nye on Mar 17, 2020 3:37:44 PM

A Letter to Turbonomic Customers,

Today, we face a challenge and uncertainty that none of us could have imagined. The global COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected our way of life.  Presently, it continues to introduce new challenges daily.  Our thoughts and prayers are first and foremost with those and their families who are struggling with the virus.  At the same time, we are enormously grateful for all the healthcare teams, who put themselves at risk, treating the infected and trying to protect the global population.  Right now, we have two clear priorities: the health of our employees and the operational capacity to serve our beloved customers.

#1.  Turbonomic Will Take Care of Our Employees

Our responsibility is to keep our employees safe. According to the experts, safety is best accomplished through social distancing. To minimize the risk of our employees and their families becoming infected, we’ve implemented a work from home (WFH) policy where we keep our employees connected and productive while minimizing risks of exposure.  Last week, we successfully completed an extensive WFH pilot that has now been extended until it is safe to return to our offices. Additionally, we have limited employee travel both domestically and internationally in favor of videoconferencing.  At the same time, we’ve committed that we will maintain operating capacity to support and service our customers. In short, we are here for you – we are open - and we want to help.

#2.  Turbonomic Will Support our Customers Even Better

Please be assured that customer centricity is the core value at Turbonomic.  In unprecedented times like these, with the accelerated shift towards digital work and therefore an even greater dependency on applications and networks, we are 100% committed to supporting your business.  As manual and reactive processes become strained, software can assure applications and networks remain healthy and IT operations continue to perform.  Presently, thousands of customers are relying on Turbonomic-driven decisions to absorb operational risk, enable more remote workers, accelerate public cloud adoption, maintain application and network performance, and safely increase utilization of existing infrastructure resources without introducing congestion. 

In short, if you need any support in deploying, managing, or training on Turbonomic, we are committed to over-delivering in our responsiveness.   Our team of Turbos will work with you to keep your applications and networks healthy while ensuring end users remain productive – whether you are a customer, or not.  

Let’s Help One Another

In these trying times we are all managing for the long term. Together, I know we can conquer this challenge and emerge with an even stronger community and purpose.  Again, if we can help you with our technology or expertise, please reach out to me at CEO@turbonomic.com.  


Thank you, and please stay safe.

Ben Nye
CEO, Turbonomic

ben nye

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