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A Letter to Turbonomic Customers

The Future of Cloud Computing: Serverless, Edge, AI, and the Control Plane

International Women's Day 2020: Turbonomic's Commitment

There Are 4 (Not 3) Pillars of Observability, Here’s Why

Kubernetes Resource Management Best Practices

The History of Cloud Computing: Two Decades in Review (Part 3)

The History of Cloud Computing: Two Decades in Review (Part 2)

Cisco Announces Intersight Workload Optimizer

Survey finds, end-user complaints are still the leading measure of accountability. Is that good enough?

The History of Cloud Computing: Two Decades in Review (Part 1)

Top Challenges to Application Performance: Complexity & Team Silos

Unclear who owns application performance? What are the consequences?

Unlocking the Highest Value of Cloud Optimization

The Power of Automation on IT Career Advancement

New survey finds application performance is critical to any business, and over 60% are measuring it.

What is Infrastructure as Code and What Does It Mean to You?

New survey finds 81% are optimistic about the cloud native landscape and application performance.

Reserving Your Good Storage: Why You Shouldn't Do It

Microservices in the Real World: How We Used Red Hat’s Operator Framework to Automate Our Application Lifecycle

The Art & Science of Optimization: An In-depth Overview of AWS Compute Optimizer

New survey finds complexity, at 29%, is the leading challenge to assuring application performance.

What is Vendor Lock-In?

Survey: Approximately ⅔ of applications are being modernized or slated to be modernized.

Machine Learning, Cost vs. Performance and The Edge

Why People are Moving Towards Microservices

Designing Infrastructure: What are the Best Practices?

What is Hybrid Cloud: The 3 W's You Need to Know

In Sickness or In Health

Introduction to AWS Savings Plans

Announcing Lemur: A Free Observability and Context Tool for Developers

New Cisco WOM ACE Certification Program

A Brief History of Multicluster Kubernetes

Humans of Turbo Part 5: DeVaughn Riley

Welcome SevOne to the Turbonomic Family!

3 Ways to Avoid Cloud Lock-In

Defining a Workload Profile Will Shape the Future of Application Performance

Humans of Turbo Part 5: Georgia Gourley

Democratizing STEM: Breaking Down Barriers for Women

Microservices in the Real World: Now We Run Our Pre-Kubernetes Application on Kubernetes. So Can You.

Best Practices for Managing Kubernetes Multitenancy

Analyst Perspective: Application Resource Management

Vertical Scaling in a Horizontal World

Microservices in the Real World: How We Used Red Hat Universal Base Image 8 to Secure Our Containers

Responsible Agility with Application Resource Management and Workflow

Microservices in the Real World: How We Automated Memory Management for Our Containerized Java Application

Turbonomic 6.4 Delivers Continuous Performance for Kubernetes at Multicloud Scale

Exercising Your Voice to Build a Diverse Culture

Multicloud Reserved Instance Management Made Easy with Turbonomic v6.4

Introducing Microsoft Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA) Support in Turbonomic 6.4

Turbonomic Named to the Forbes Cloud 100 for 4th Consecutive Year

Humans of Turbonomic Part 4

The 7 Best Books to Get You Started with Kubernetes

Humans of Turbonomic Part 3

Bring Unmatched Performance to VMware vSAN and HCI

Bring Unmatched Performance to VMware Horizon VDI

Introducing DevelopHer: Turbonomic’s First Employee Resource Group

Humans of Turbonomic Part 2

Turbonomic Integrates With the New Microsoft Azure Migrate

SQL Server 2008 End of Support is Here, What's the Plan?

Humans of Turbonomic: Part 1

Mastering Spring Framework 5, Part 2: Spring WebFlux

Join AWS: How to Turn Utilization Data into Automated Cost Control

Multicloud as Code: Introduction to Infrastructure as Code and Terraform (Part 1)

How to Plan Your Cloud Migration

Turbonomic and AppDynamics Extend Partnership

Why Leading Organizations Manage Their AWS Estates with Turbonomic

Everything You Should Know About Autonomic IT

Congrats to Turbo’s Women of the Channel!

KubeHunt 2019

What It Means to be Part of Turbo Nation

Baremetal Servers vs Virtual Machines for Container Orchestration

Cloud Foundry vs Kubernetes for Deploying Cloud-Native Apps

Living Green: Our Responsibility to the Planet

The Container Conundrum

Google Cloud's Anthos - Everything You Need To Know

The Perfect Storm and Perfect Opportunity: How Cloud Native is Unlocking a Multicloud World

AWS Just Released New Instance Types, Here is What You Need To Know

6 Books That Will Make You a Microsoft Azure Master

Mastering Spring Framework 5, Part 1: Spring MVC

Top 6 AWS Training Books

International Women’s Day 2019: A Day for Celebration, Education, and Action

Bridging Your Application-To-Infrastructure Chasm with Turbonomic 6.3

Intelligent Workload Automation for Kubernetes with Turbonomic 6.3

Intelligent Autoscaling for Public Cloud with Turbonomic 6.3

Turbonomic 6.3 Delivers New Top-Down Application-Driven Capabilities

Climbing the Cloud Optimization Curve

The Best 7 DevOps Books for Beginners

The Top 2 Challenges of Next-Gen Applications

Becoming a Cloud Rock Star

Cloud Cost Optimization is Beyond Human Scale – Here’s Why

2019 IT Predictions

Serverless Computing with AWS Lambda, Part 2

Serverless Computing with AWS Lambda, Part 1

How to Get Beyond Operational Challenges of DevOps - Part I

The Triad: Key to Moving from Maintaining to Innovating

A Culture of High Performance

Three Patterns of the Modern CIO

Reflections on a 3-Year Turboversary

Employee Spotlight: Marc Beckert (Part Two) - Resident Engineer

IT Operations Detox: Why Abstraction Matters

AI is Already Here, and Life is Already Better

Employee Spotlight: Marc Beckert - Resident Engineer

The Evolving and Critical Role of the Transformational CIO

Turbonomic Halloween 2018

Insider Recruiter Tips: We Hire Curious Learners

Our Devotion to Transparency

Recruiter Insider Tips: Working with a Sense of Urgency

Career Growth with Catherine Kellogg

Experiences of Working Remotely in Seattle

Microsoft Ignite 2018 - A View From the Event

Controlling the Wildfire of Container Management

How Remote Employees Stay Connected

Learn What's New in Turbonomic 6.2

Continuing Expansion in Hybrid and Public Cloud Capabilities

Turbonomic Achieves AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency in Inaugural Launch

Employee Perspectives: Working Remotely for the First Time

What it's Like to Work Remotely at Turbonomic

Employee Perspectives: Traditions that Build Trust

Announcing Turbonomic for Kubernetes-as-a-Service: Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE, and Pivotal PKS

Employee Perspective: Interviewing as a TAM

DXC and Turbonomic Partnership - Delivering Workload Automation at Scale

Overcoming Challenges with the Company's Support

Self-Managing Kubernetes on Bare Metal

Turbonomic & Pivotal Cloud Foundry (Part 2): Only Full-Stack, Specific Actions Can Deliver Self-Managing Automation

Turbonomic & Pivotal Cloud Foundry: Why Self-Managing Automation Needs Full-Stack Analysis

Inside Scoop: What it Takes to Interview for Sales

A Culture of Performance with Chief People Person, Kara Gilbert

Day in The Life at Turbonomic: Engineering

Kubernetes Rescheduling: A Pod’s Life and Reincarnation

Sales Team Insights: Q&A with GTM Recruiter Zach Choquette

United States Patent & Trademark Office Issued 10 Million Patents...that’s a lot of paperwork!

Working on Advanced Technology: Q&A with Ahmed Saba

Mayor Thomas Roach Visits Turbonomic White Plains

Thriving Off Challenges: Q&A with CTO, Mor Cohen-Tal

Improving Health & Wellness for a High Performance Culture

Keys to a Successful Digital Transformation

Inside Look at Sales Development at Turbonomic

Scale Smarter: EC2 Vertical Scaling with Turbonomic 6.1  

Q&A with Technical Recruiters at Turbonomic Pt.2

Why Are You Here? Chants, Istio and gRPC Services at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Europe 2018

From Developer to Engineering Manager

Setting up Turbonomic 6.1 - You're a Wizard, Harry!

What's New in Turbonomic 6.1?

Application-Aware Infrastructure with Cisco AppDynamics and Turbonomic

Putting the RI in RightSize with Turbonomic 6.1

Executive Dashboards in Turbonomic 6.1

Turbonomic 6.1: Optimize my Cloud? Yes, Please!

Introducing Turbonomic 6.1 - Leading the Charge towards AI Ops

Q&A with Technical Recruiters at Turbonomic Pt.1

Pushing the Diversity Conversation Forward

TurboCares - Employees Giving Back

Finding a Work-Life Balance to Give Back

Bringing My Authentic Self to Work

When It Comes Down to AWS and Azure – Which Cloud Do You Choose?

Running for Hope in The 2018 Boston Marathon

The Intelligent Data Center Is Beyond Human Scale

I Recruit Software Engineers at Turbonomic: Here's What I Look For

A Radical Alternative to Industry Standard Cloud Migration Planning (a.k.a. “Guessing”)

Joining Turbonomic for The Transformative Mission

Cloud Scalability: Scale Up vs Scale Out

International Women's Day: Advice from Women at Turbonomic

International Women's Day: Interviews with the Women of EMEA

How The Industry Approaches True Elasticity, Part 3: Batch Analytics

Turbonomic and Microsoft: Maximizing the Public Cloud

Love Your Pet Day at Turbonomic

How The Industry Approaches True Elasticity, Part 2: Making Rules

How the Industry Approaches True Elasticity Part 1: The Manual Approach

Turbonomic & Cisco Deliver Automated Self-Healing for Continuous Network Intent Assurance

SearchAWS: M EC2 instance family offers versatile compute, at a price

Choosing Turbonomic over a Legacy Tech Career

Helping Customers add the E to EC2

Data Center Knowledge: Spectre, Meltdown Hit On-Prem Windows Servers Hardest

6 Ways You Can De-Stress at Work

SearchCloudComputing (TechTarget): Chip bugs hit cloud computing usage less than first feared

10 Tips on How to Prepare for Interviews at Turbonomic

Boston Business Journal: COO Mark Thurmond sees 'future proof' technology for Turbonomic

Why I Chose to Join the Turbonomic Customer Success Team

Mitigating Meltdown/Spectre Patch Performance Challenges with Turbonomic

eWeek: Microsoft: AV Software Can Conflict with Windows Meltdown Patches

Preparing for the Uncertainty and Risk of Meltdown and Spectre

Happy New Year to our Turbonomic Customers!

2017 and How Turbonomic is Driving the Future of Hybrid Cloud Management

IT Then and Now

Reasons We’re Thankful to be Part of TurboNation

Storage Switzerland: Efficiency Matters More in The Cloud – Turbonomic Briefing Note

Women in Tech: Wine is not enough...

The Enterprise Project: 5 Factors Fueling Automation in IT

Welcome to the New Turbonomic Toronto Office!

Tips for Getting Started in Tech Sales

How a Team Outing Led to Giving Back

Integrating DevOps Into a Mature Environment

MicroScope/ComputerWeekly.com: On-prem needs to pitch harder as unclouding continues

5 Reasons I Come into Work Excited Every Day

Why is controlling the cloud so hard?

Turbonomic at AWS re:Invent 2017

Techopedia: Cloud Complication: Simplifying the Cloud with Ben Nye, CEO of Turbonomic

How Mentorship at Turbonomic Helped Me Grow My Career

Why Predictive Systems Fail to Solve Application Performance Challenges

Is Financial Accounting the New Class for IT Ops?

Delivering a Consistent QoS In a Virtualized Data Center- Part 1

The Perfect 200-Year-Old IT Plan

How to Manage Relational Database Services in the Cloud

How to Pick the Right Reserved Instances

The Chicken and Egg of Service Management

Introducing Turbonomic 6.0: Cloud Storage Control

Introducing Turbonomic 6.0: Control Beyond Public Cloud Compute

Self-managing OpenShift with Turbonomic

Making Lateral Career moves in R&D

The Value of Embracing Rapid Releases

What to Expect at VMworld 2017

Game of IT Silos Part 1: Meet the Houses- Dev, Ops, Sec

Why True Hybrid Cloud Performance is more than a Balancing Act

Shining a Light on Shadow IT

Employee Spotlight: Navaz Katki, VP of Cloud Engineering

Assuring Cloud Performance Part 2: Hybrid Cloud Scaling & Service Levels

To C or Not to C?

Assuring Cloud Performance Part 1: Hybrid Cloud Workload Visibility

Maintaining HA Compliance in the Public Cloud

Managing Cloud Costs with Turbonomic: Part 1

To V or Not to V?

Top 10 Reasons to Join Turbonomic

Migrating On-Prem to Cloud: Part 2

Cloud Elasticity vs Cloud Scalability

#CLUS is done, but Turbonomic & Tetration work continues

Migrating On-Prem to Cloud: Part 1

The “Troy Effect” of IT Architecture

The Essentials of Database Scalability: Vertical & Horizontal

Turbonomic & Cisco Tetration Are Enabling Network-Aware Automated Placement in Hybrid Cloud

Turbonomic at Cisco Live US 2017 - Hybrid Cloud Starts at Home

Turbonomic and the Journey to the Hybrid Cloud

Is Slack the next Online Community Platform?

How to Minimize AWS Costs while Assuring Performance in the age of Dynamic Unpredictability

Exploring the Turbonomic 5.9 HTML5 Interface

What's New in Turbonomic 5.9

What's your Data Center BMI?

The Value of Systematic Approaches to Automation

Tech Field Day 14 Recap: Community and the Turbonomic Vision

A Deeper Dive Into the Workload Chart and My Environment

Technological Myth: The Year of VDI

TESM & Turbonomic Help Customers Automate Service Quality and Drive Cloud Adoption

Software Defined House Keeping

Turbonomic Presenting at Tech Field Day 14

Why an Application SLA must match your Infrastructure

The Current State of my Environment, aka the Turbonomic Workload Chart

Why you need composable infrastructure

Transform Your Business with Real Time Reserve and Deploy Workflows

Yes, Turbonomic has a competitive culture.

The Richter Scale Challenge of Reliability in Highly Scalable Infrastructure

Talent Acquisition & Employee Development as a Strategy

Adding Containers, PaaS and Serverless to your IT Diet Plan

Turbonomic & EMC Scale IO Integration for Software Defined Storage (SDS)

Where Can I add or remove capacity? Cluster Capacity Dashboard

Introducing the New Turbonomic User Interface

Understanding The Turbonomic Supply Chain Dashboard

CRN: TCV's Ted Coons on IT Automation

When Will Public Clouds Replace Private Clouds?

Celebrating International Women’s Day Part 2: International Women In Tech

Celebrating Women in Tech for International Women's Day

Multi-cloud Design for All - How Ops Can Diversify your Application Assets

Learning the Hard Lessons of Public Cloud: Designing for when AWS goes down

Take Out An Insurance Policy In The Public Cloud Casino

Disaster Recovery Failover and Host Removal

Hardware Refresh or Hardware Upgrade?

How to Run Every Capacity Planning Scenario in Seconds

Why are Many OpenStack Deployments Really Small or Really Big?

Why Not Learning is More Difficult than Learning

So You’re Preparing to Lift and Shift Your Workloads to the Cloud…

AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)

Are Containers on a VM the new VDI on iPad?

Forbes: Why The Former CIO Of GE Just Led A $50M Bet On Cloud Company Turbonomic

3 Ways to Avoid Overspending on Cloud Infrastructure and Waking Up in Cloud Jail

Why Self-Driving Data Centers are Good for Your Career and Business

A Guide to Giving Great Tech Community Presentations

How to Build an Executive Dashboard Your CIO Will Love

Virtual Desktop Pulse Survey 2016 Key Findings Infographic

Getting Started with Terraform for DigitalOcean

Fixed Cloud Elasticity - Enabling Private Cloud Performance

Requirements over Religion in Technology Architecture

Looking back on the 2016 IT Industry Predictions

Public Cloud Landscape & Complexities Infographic Series: Part 2 of 3

Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation. Wait, what?!

Virtual Desktop Pulse Survey 2016 Part 3 of 3

Why do virtual desktop deployments fail?

AWS Announces New London Region

The Age of Autonomic Intelligence Has Arrived

Public Cloud Landscape & Adoption Infographic Series: Part 1 of 3

AWS re:Invent Event Final Recap

A Peek into the Turbonomic Journey to Microservices

Business Insider: 51enterprise startups to bet your career on in 2017

Virtual Desktop Pulse Survey 2016 Part 2 of 3

How to Manage SLAs and Sizing in VDI Environments

AWS re:Invent Day 2 Recap

AWS re:Invent - Day 1 Recap

Virtual Desktop Pulse Survey 2016 Part 1 of 3

Accelerate Your Cloud Migration with RiverMeadow and Turbonomic

Are You Monitoring Your Monitoring Tool?

The Top 3 Skills Every IT Person Needs

Brace Yourself, Black Friday is Coming. An IT Nightmare?

Architecting Your VDI Implementation: Persistent vs Non-Persistent VDI

Kubernetes Toronto Meetup Recap

Data Center Consolidation with Turbonomic

Choosing your Open Source Licenses

Making Meaning: Turbonomic Vision Summit 2016

Controlling Antivirus Storms in Your VDI Environment

Business Insider: Why two influential tech tycoons have fallen in love with a startup called Turbonomic

The Open Guide to Amazon Web Services

Turbonomic & the Opportunity Ahead

Fortune Exclusive: Former Top Microsoft, HP Exec Bill Veghte Is Back

What are all these specialized databases all about?

How to Manage VDI Thin Provisioning Tradeoffs

Microsoft is Getting Busy on GitHub

How to prevent I/O intensive tasks from bringing down your VDI environment

Solving the SDDC Management Problem

More People Won't Fix a Software Problem

Serverless Computing: Oxymoron or the Next Big Cloud Play?

Thinking Cloud - IT as a Cost Per Unit

DevOps: 3 Ways IT & Development Teams Can Work Together

How FinTech Startups are Beating Commercial Banks at their Own Game

Introduction to Jenkins

Why VMware is Embracing Containers

Introducing Cloud Cost Compare - Where to Run Your Next App

The hidden costs of Public Cloud Providers: The risk of not getting Azure right in the Enterprise

Introduction to Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

Cost Optimization in the Cloud, Part 2 – The Four Pillars of Cloud Cost Optimization, Brought to You by AWS

It’s Newton Time! OpenStack Achieves Another Release Milestone - Part 2

Continuous Integration using Jenkins

BMC and Turbonomic Partner to Accelerate Digital Business

VMworld Europe Putting the EU in EUC

It’s Newton Time! OpenStack Achieves Another Release Milestone - Part 1

Turbonomic Proactive Support: Why use it and how to turn it on

Cloud Cost Optimization, Part 1 – Am I Getting What I Can out of AWS?

Microsoft Azure: What is it and why has Real Madrid bet its future on it?

Digging Into DC/OS Part 3: Installing & Deploying a Jenkins Server

Turbonomic, formerly VMTurbo, Success Story: Hatco Corp

The Adoption of VDI in Healthcare Organizations

What is “The Stack” That I Keep Referring To?

API Buyer Beware - The Issue of AWS Compatibility

PowerShell on Mac OS, Because Cross Platform = Awesome!

ICYMI - GC On-Demand Podcast Crosses 30 Episodes - Recapping the First 15

Less Troubleshooting or Less Troubles?

Decision Fatigue in the Enterprise Cloud

Next Generation IT – The move towards embracing autonomic platforms

Improving your IT processes – is decision-making considered a process?

TechForward Kubernetes Presentation and Quick Notes

So, what’s the deal with this unikernel thing?

Why excel is a bad capacity planning tool.

How to Improve Your Capacity Planning Formula

Latency, CPU, response time, can we treat them all the same?

CRN Exclusive: HPE CEO Meg Whitman On The Spin-Off Software Merger, Dell's Debt Burden And Cisco's Storage Problem

HPE: CEO Meg Whitman on HPE’s Plans to Spin-Off & Merge Non-Core Software Assets With Micro Focus

CIO: HPE offloads software arm to Micro Focus in $8.8 billion 'spin-merge'

Why Multi-Cloud is the New Cloud

In-Memory Databases: Their Rising Popularity and Under Armour's use of SAP HANA

Microsoft SQL Server: Advantages and Challenges from the Virtualization Admin’s View

VMworld 2016: A Declaration

How Autonomic Control is Transforming IT

CIO’s Perspective On What Turbonomic Has Done for Me Lately

vRealize: a Journey to DevOps and IT Automation?

VMworld 2016: Moving IT up the Stack

Networking and Data Center Operations

More Than Just a Name: Introducing Turbonomic

A Closer Look at VMTurbo’s Transition to Turbonomic

Communication challenges in IT organizations

The Journey Towards Autonomic Computing: Do you Want to Play a Game?

The Journey Towards Autonomic Computing:  NT to Nano, and Why Thin is in

The Essentials: Everything You Need to Know about Amazon Web Services

Digging into DC/OS Part 2

The Journey Towards Autonomic Computing:  Self-Driving Revolution

The Journey Towards Autonomic Computing:  Let me Waze That For You

The Journey Towards Autonomic Computing:  You Know my Methods, Watson

Does that application really need flash storage?

The Journey Towards Autonomic Computing:  Private Clouds Begin to Land

The Journey Towards Autonomic Computing: The Online Bookstore that Changed the World

Digging into DC/OS Part 1

Docker Container Orchestration with Docker Swarm 101

The Journey Towards Autonomic Computing: Microsoft and Apple - Strange Bedfellows

IT Operations & Application Owners, Why can't we be friends?

The Journey Towards Autonomic Computing: eNTer the Distributed Dragon

What you Need to Know to Build a Reliable & Robust Enterprise Ecommerce Website

The Journey Towards Autonomic Computing:  Mainframe Beginnings

When does open source PaaS make sense?

Getting Started with Docker Swarm: Part 2

Getting Started with Docker Swarm: Part 1

PaaS vs. DIY, What Problem Are You Solving?

DevOps Challenges for Virtual Infrastructures, Part I

RCA Revisited: The Valid Reasons for Root Cause Analysis

IO Storage Control and Its Complexity (Part 2)

Distributed Apps, Microservices, and the Shift Away from Root Cause Analysis

How to create custom reports in Turbonomic

Diving into Apache Spark: Part 4 of 4

Operations Manager 5.6 User Interface Improvements for Large Scale Implementations

Plan your hardware refresh with customized storage and host templates

We are About to Misuse Containers, but it’s OK

Turbonomic 5.6 extends control to any generic JVM

Don’t Fear the Algorithm

Turbonomic Operations Manager 5.6 Cisco UCS Integration

Turbonomic Operations Manager 5.6 ServiceNow Integration

Turbonomic Operations Manager 5.6 enhances private cloud control and application performance

Amazon Region Outage:  Why Amazon Infrastructure Failing isn’t Really Amazon Failing

Diving into Apache Spark: Part 3

The "New" IT Landscape

It makes sense to go hyperscale/hyper-converged

Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Transformation with HPE and Turbonomic

Turbofest London 2016:  Community, Science, Learning and More

2016’s IT Challenges in Higher Education: Progressive IT Paving The Way For Knowledge

The Phoenix Project A Book Review For IT and DevOps

High Hopes for Hyper-Convergence

Diving into Apache Spark: Part 2

Navigating Through the Uncertainty Between Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

So, what’s the deal with Serverless?

Stop Saying Future and Start Saying Next Steps

Cross-Anything Migration: Private Clouds & Public Clouds

Diving into Apache Spark: Part 1

Finding The Desired State: Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect

The Other (More Important) Bottleneck in IT: IT Failures

A Brief History of DevOps

Google Splits from Debian-Based Container Platform with ChromiumOS Container-VM

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) XII of XII

What to Look for in Hyper-Converged Platforms…

Why Running OpenStack is like Taking up Running

The PaaS Spectrum: Public, Private, or Hybrid

A Brief History of the Public Cloud

The Importance of Being Hypervisor Agnostic

The Challenge of Separating Methodologies and Tooling

Java Virtual Machine Fine Tuning

Private Cloud Management: Bringing Control to System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Don’t Let Thin-Provisioning Ruin Your Vacation

Before You Begin: Why Your OpenStack Initiative Will Probably Fail

Mesosphere Launches new Open Source DCOS.io Platform

Deploying a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL7) on VirtualBox

Testing out the New Free Red Hat Developer Subscription

Are you giving your business a competitive advantage?

The Headroom Myth

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) XI

What to Consider in Your Multi-Cloud Management

Scaling the Infrastructure to the Cloud: The Endless Chase for Infrastructure Efficiency Part I

GC On-Demand Recap - Community and Learning Outside your Comfort Zone (@jdgreen)

Storage I/O Control and Its Complexity (Part 1)

Planning Your Public Cloud Deployment: Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice

Couch to OpenStack at the Austin OpenStack Summit 

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is Coming to Linux

Join me for @Interop - Not Just for the Network Anymore

Intelligently Manage Your IBM PowerVM Environment With Turbonomic

Turbonomic with Remote Capacity Plans

GC On-Demand Recap - Puppet and Automation with Rob Nelson (@rnelson0)

Turbonomic Operations Manager 5.5 User Interface Improvements

Private Cloud Orchestration: A Cog in the Wheel Part 2

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) X

Turbonomic 5.5: Cross-Anything Migration

New in Turbonomic 5.5: Extending vRA Support

Choosing a Virtualization Management Platform by Chris Childerhose

PSTG FlashBlade: Don't Mind If I Hadoop

Turbonomic Named Top Virtualization Management Tool by Enterprise IT Community

VMTurbo Enhances Private and Public Cloud Control with 5.5 Release

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) IX

The State of the Open Container Initiative

Private and Public Cloud Management with VMTurbo and Arista CloudVision

What’s going on with SQL? How to Manage Database Performance the Right Way

All Docker is Containers.  All Containers are Not Docker

Virtualization vs Cloud Computing: Potato...Potahto?

Private Cloud Orchestration: A Cog in the Wheel Part 1

Data Center Virtualization 2.0: What Is It and How Did We Get Here?

Are we Drowning in SSL Vulnerabilities?  

The Big Decision of Adopting Openstack as a Private Cloud

Best Practices for Managing Performance with Network Orchestration

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) VIII

Docker Datacenter:  Can Containers-as-a-Service Entice Enterprise?

The OpenStack Journey: What’s Your Path to Open Source Adoption?

Why Over Provisioning Will Not Guarantee Performance

Virtual Volumes (VVols) in Large Environments: Pros & Cons

A 'Market Model' of Configuration Monitoring and Management

Capacity as a Practice:  Expanding on the Challenges Series

What's the Promise of Cloud Orchestration?

Walmart Hops into the Cloud Deployment Biz with OneOps

100% Virtualisation. Mission Impossible?

The 100 Million Dollar Millisecond: The Cost of Latency in the Data Center (Part 2)

Why Mitigating Storage and Network Latency Should Be Like Self-driving Automobiles

Elevating from Virtual Machine to Application Thinking

How to Onboard New Customers in the New Year: A Guide for Service Providers

Efficiency, performance, and savings?  Principled Technologies says Yes!

How Do I Manage My Storage? Operations Manager vs the Storage Control Module

Introducing the GC On-Demand Podcast!

Did Oracle Database Licensing Kill My Product?

Performance as a Practice:  Expanding on the Performance Challenge

What the Heck is Virtual Machine Density and Why Do We care?

Cloud Driving Industry Consolidation

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) VII

The 100 Million Dollar Millisecond: The Cost of Latency in the Data Center (Part 1)

Buying hardware yet still suffering from performance issues?

The Network is Agile, but Slower with SDN and Microservices

Multi-Criteria Grouping in v5.4 VMTurbo

2015 in Review, Continuing the Journey Toward Application Performance

Ringing in a Hyper-Converged 2016

Superclusters to the Rescue!

Channeling Bruce Lee in the Software-Defined Data Center

SDI Summit: Software-Define All the Things!

SLA Adherence with VMTurbo

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) VI

Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan as Good as Your Application Assurance Plan?

Innovation over Inertia: Creating Small Wins to Increase Innovation

Record Cyber Monday Leads to Failure to Deliver QoS

Microsoft May be Stacking the Odds in the Private Cloud Game

Get All the Performance Benefits of All-Flash XtremIO with VMTurbo

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) V

Cross vCenter vMotion: Free your workloads across your datacentres with VMTurbo

Verizon Gets Smart With Cloud Control

Sailing across the clouds: About the Spinnaker Project

Black Friday:  Is your Infrastructure Ready?

E-Commerce: Scaling Up vs Scaling Out Applications

Verizon and VMTurbo develop intelligent cloud

Verizon Enterprise Solutions Teams with VMTurbo for Intelligent Cloud Control

Verizon and VMTurbo Join Forces on Intelligent Cloud Control

5 Ways to Cut Global IT Costs

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) IV

The Hypervisor Wars – Which Hypervisor rules the roost?

How to Deliver Enterprise DevOps with Intelligent Cloud Foundry Management

VMware Photon Controller Opens Up

Containers in Virtual Machines - Training Wheels for Next Generation Applications?

The Customer Perspective of VMTurbo

Is Your IT Department a Bottleneck or a Business Enabler?

Managing SQL LUNacy

Rancher - Containing the Cattle From the OS to the Orchestration

Shadow IT: What Does It Take to Compete with AWS?

For Service Providers It’s All Mission-Critical: How MSPs Are Fighting Latency with Control

For Managed Service Providers It’s All Mission-Critical: How MSPs Are Fighting Latency with Control

OpenStack: Legitimate Division 1 Contender

Storage Performance & Growth Are Top Concerns for Data Center Professionals

Automation:  Let Your Engineers Get Back to Engineering

SDN (Software-Defined Networking) Primer, and Why we Need SDN

3.6 Million Zombie Servers, 1 BIG Energy Footprint

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) III

Ops are from Mars, Devs are from Venus: 12 Factors Part V – Backing Services

VMWorld 2015 Europe Short Videos from the Solution Exchange

A Quick Guide to Nested Virtualization

Stretching Your IT Budget: Education Edition

The Desired State...the future is now

Extending Control to Windows Server Containers

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) - Part II

Oktoberfest, and the Lesser-Known How

#WhyVMTurbo – Great Customers, Great Community

Budget Battles: Oracle and Microsoft Software Licensing

Give me Liberty or Give me...well, Just Give me OpenStack Liberty

How to Efficiently Migrate VMs from Disk to Flash Storage

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) - Part I

Trust in Policy-Based Management? Part 1: Introduction

Embracing a Microservices Approach to Application Development - Part I

Balancing Budgets Part 2: Reduce CAPEX Spend Through Cluster Consolidation & Controlled Density Increases

Virtualized Everything - Closing the Gap to Microservices

#WhyVMTurbo - Real-Time Application Performance Control For Any Workload, Any Infrastructure, Anywhere, Anytime

Software-Defined Everything: Friend or Foe?

The New Healthcare IT: How One Provider’s Infrastructure Team Did “More with Less”

Making Hybrid Cloud a Reality – Part III - VPC, yeah you know me!

Commoditization of Hardware:  It's not About Cheapness, it's About Freedom

Dear Admin, Are you chasing the last workload off a public cloud?

Planning for Common Data Center Scenarios

Virtualized Everything – The Demand Side of the Equation

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Public vs Private Clouds

A Brief History of Microservices

The Plan Tab - Simulation and What-If Scenarios in Complex Data Centers

Making Hybrid Cloud a Reality – Part II - Data Locality

Balancing Budgets Part 1: How to Avoid Runaway Software Licensing

Ops are from Mars, Devs are from Venus: 12 Factors Part III – Dependencies

Application Latency Finding 1 of 3: Everyone Monitors and It Doesn’t Work

Controlling Storage Latency

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Custom Dockerfiles Part II

Ops are from Mars, Devs are from Venus: 12 Factors Part II - Codebase Revisited

Best Practices for Reducing Latency with VMware NSX

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Custom Dockerfiles Part I

Microsoft Exchange Server Challenges

Sylvia Isler on Migrating to and Operating Microservices

VMTurbo 5.3 Release adds Microsoft SMB 3.0 Support

Ops are from Mars, Devs are from Venus:  12 Factors Part I - Codebase

The Curious Case of the Escaping Virtual Machine

Managing Virtual Database Servers: 5.3 Extends Real-Time Control to MySQL

Light at the End of the Tunnel: Introduction to Network Latency Part 2

Introducing VMTurbo with IBM SoftLayer Cloud Bursting

Virtualisation and storage: Five ways to do it better

5 Quick Tips for Attending VMworld

VMworld 2015 - A Guide to Enjoying the San Francisco Event

Shared Nothing Migration within VMTurbo 5.3

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Docker Part II

Metro-Clusters are the new Clusters

New in VMTurbo 5.3: Dell Compellent Support

Architecting Your Applications for Non-Shared Storage

Creating Custom Reports and Dashboards Using MySQL Queries

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Docker Part I

How to Assess Higher Ed Virtualization Needs

Light at the End of the Tunnel:  Introduction to Network Latency Part 1

Time to Automation

Why Configuration Management Solutions Need VMTurbo

Nutanix & VMTurbo: A Match Made In Hyper-Converged Heaven?

Forget K9, it's time for K8….K8S that is: A Kubernetes Primer Part I

Making RegEx Less Painful - RegEx 101 Part I

Blue Skies: How Azure and O365 is Changing the Game for Microsoft

Happy SysAdmin Day! We Hereby Crown You King for a Day

Storage Resource Management

Open Source Distributed Config Management Goodness with BOSH

Balance vs. Control: A Comparison

Inside the Vivid Vervet – All About the Latest Ubuntu Release

Application QoS in a Software Defined Universe

Is Your Data Center Network Aware?

Intel Clear-ing things up: A Clear Linux Primer

Inside Turbonomic’s Newly Expanded Downtown Office

Primed for Quality of Service:  Amazon Prime Day to Highlight Need for QoS

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, SPA (Single Page Applications): Introduction Part II

HA Configurations for Mission Critical Applications. Stop the Guessing Games.

Cloud-enabled Virtualization:  A Hybrid Approach to Private Cloud

The End of an Era – Windows 2003 Server

Migration Planning 101: How Do You Plan Workload Migrations?

Reservations and Optimization and Planning...Oh My!

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, SPA (Single Page Applications): Introduction Part I

Your Data Center Control System Now from the AWS Cloud

Memory 201 - Memory Management that Scales with Your Environment

Messing around with Mesos: A DCOS Primer - Part 2

Memory Management 101 – The Challenges of Managing Memory in a Virtual Environment

How to Approach Hyper-V Management

Oracle Cloud - Growing Options, Shrinking Prices

"Application is Slow” and Other Comments Heard on the Help Desk

Why Workload Automation Can’t Assure Performance

Place your bets !! The Race against Latency….

Messing around with Mesos: A DCOS Primer - Part 1

The CAPS club: Open Source Configuration Management Goodness

Datacenter Management and RCA: How to Ditch the Detective Work

Simplification - Reducing Operational Costs by Reducing Clicks

Following Untested Trends:  Knowing Why to Use New Technology

3 Ways to Protect your Business from Latency and Downtime

The Future is Soon: Nutanix XCP & New Partner VMTurbo at .NEXT

Still Waiting on that CPU Ready Queue Line?

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Docker Part II

OpenStack and the Importance of Intelligence: Part 2

Auto Scaling at the Speed of Software

Cloud bursting to keep online shoppers happy

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Docker

How can you eliminate the risk of Thin Provisioning?

There's an (OpenStack) App for That

What can we learn from Einstein about IT operations management?

The best way to assure performance of n-tier applications

Dynamic Workloads - Don’t Let Bully VMs Boss You Around

Who cares about IT operations SLAs?

The n-Dimensional Application Performance Challenge

Is AWS the answer to your performance management problems?

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Web Services, Part II

DevOps Automation – Does Working Together Get You There Faster?

Rocketing into Partnerships: Google and Intel Embracing Rocket and CoreOS

What do you mean, Cloud Automation?

Operations Manager 5.2 - QoS Adherence Has Arrived

Storage Performance and PACs in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Environment

Coffee Drinker's Guide to Commodity Technology

JVM and the Art of Performance Assurance

Linux in a Snap: The Canonical Snappy Linux Distro

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Containers: Amazon Web Services, Part I

To Scale Up or Scale Out? That is the question

Survey finds 45% of IT professionals are interested in deploying OpenStack

IT Silos Everywhere: Breaking Down the Barriers

May the Fourth Be With You This Star Wars Day

Do you fear what I fear? Thin Provisioning

Thinking Like an Architect: Understanding Failure Domains

Decision Automation – One Step Closer to Relaxation in the Data Center

Mesosphere and Kubernetes Teaming Up

Green Your Data Center for Earth Day: Plant One Back

The Large White Pill - Virtualisation Lessons from Star Trek

I’ve never seen Star Wars but I have seen server virtualisation control

VMTurbo Partners - Are Your Partners Asking You Why?

Mysos - Twitter Tells how MySQL Scales on Mesos

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Big Data: Neo4j – Part 3

Is your Docker management approach fit for the Docker revolution?

Pistachio: Understanding the Value of Data Locality in Cloud

Are You Ready For Hybrid Cloud Management?

Microsoft says Thin is in; Announces Nano Server

Ever Thought About Competing on Latency? Try Cutting It by 37%. (New Report & Infographic)

Pooled VDI Management - How Do You Assure End-User Experience?

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Big Data: Neo4j – Part 2

The Myths and Legends of Vendor Lock-in

All Covered Assures Performance of 2,000 Cloud-Based Servers and Maximizes Utilization of Hosted Infrastructure

Announcing the TurboStack Lab and OpenStack Survey

Ops are from Mars, Devs are from Venus: Practical Docker - Understanding the Dockerfile

Scaling on HP 3PAR and Assuring Performance

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Big Data: Neo4j

How does rightsizing virtual workloads assure performance?

Power Cycling and the Art of Application Resiliency

Can You Meet SLAs with Cloud Automation?

Is Software Defined Networking Worth It Without Control?

OpenStack and the Importance of Intelligence

Assuring Performance with VMTurbo on NetApp Storage

The Technology isn't Wrong, You Just Didn't See the Use-Case

Private Cloud - Understanding the Reasons it Fails

Workload Management with VMTurbo’s REST APIs

All-Flash Pure Storage Control: The Last Mile of Instant Infrastructure

Operationalizing Your Data center Consolidation: Is Planning Enough?

Ops are from Mars, Devs are from Venus: A Simple LXC Deployment

Virtualization Best Bractices: Prevention versus Reaction

Ops are from Mars, Devs are from Venus: LXC - Containers Before it was Cool

Turbonomic Customers Assure Application Performance

Turbonomic Success Story: Boston College

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Big Data: MongoDB Part II

Application Life Cycle Management - The Infrastructure Operator’s Guide to Creating Agility

Our Next Big Step in Assuring Application Performance

Application Control: Connect Me Not

Announcing Operations Manager v5.1 – Another Step to Assure Application Performance

Turbonomic is VMware vSphere 6 Ready

Why Reserving the “Good” Infrastructure is a Bad Practice

The Simultaneous Rise of Disaggregation and Massive Hosts

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Big Data: MongoDB

Managing Storage Efficiency: Space vs. Performance?

The Best Practices Conundrum

Managing Virtualization: Why Thresholds Are Always Bad [Part 1]

Business IT: Transforming to Become a More Agile Technology Service Provider

Virtualization Management Custom Reports – After all it’s Your Data

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Big Data: Hadoop and MapReduce

Best Practices for vCPU to CPU Ratio Management

The Trend Towards Microservices and Containerization

Arista Networks Webinar Excerpt: Arista LANZ

Hybrid Cloud Bursting – What, Where and When?

The WWW (Three W's) of the Hybrid Cloud

vSphere VM vCPU to ESXi host CPU core allocation - Curated Article

Is Application Performance Monitoring Good Enough?

vMotions – What Types of Tradeoffs are You Making Within Your Environment

What is OpenStack? Pt.2

Will a Monitoring Tool Enable You with Automated Decisions…and Compliments?

Virtualization Policies: Do you know what to look for?

Inconceivable: You Keep Using the Term DevOps, but Does It Mean What You Think?

Storage Latency: Is fast storage really faster?

Storage Capacity Management for EMR - Electronic Medical Records (PACS)

The Reservations Conundrum: Where's my Rental Car?

Ops are from Mars, Devs are from Venus: From CI to Continuous Deployment, Pt. I

Virtualized Applications: I am Talking to You!

5 Common Server Virtualization Management Mistakes

3 Ways Turbonomic Customers Improve Their VDI Deployments

That Old Virtualization Conundrum: Pets or Cattle?

Thanks for the Memory - Memory Ballooning in the Hypervisor

Electronic Medical Records: Controlling EMR Workloads in a Virtualized Environment

The DevOps Challenge of MTTR: The Chains that Bind IT

Waiting on the dreaded CPU ready queue

Reservation for Two...-Hundred

The Challenge of Efficiency in Storage Management: IOPS

Ops are from Mars, Devs are from Venus, Part 1 - A Love Story?

Assure Performance and Licensing Compliance in One Shot

Root Cause Analysis of the Root Cause Analysis Approach

Solving the Resource Constraints of Bully VMs

Storage Management QoS: Manual Constraints and their Impact on Agility

Did the IO Blender Kill Your VDI Project?

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Part V: Event-Driven Architecture

Containers: A New Cure, or a New Management Challenge?

vMem, To Size or Not To Size?

Heterogeneity in Network Management: The Challenge of Diverse Functionality

Turbonomic Customers Improve Resource Utilization and VM Density

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Pt. 4 - REST vs. SOAP in Service-Oriented Architecture

Storage Management Challenges created by Datacenter Heterogenity

What are alerts for?

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Pt. 3 - SOAP and Service-Oriented Architecture

Is Docker a threat to the Cloud ecosystem?

The Peaking Workload Problem - Can you be healthy AND rich?

Virtualizing SAP? No Problem.

How Bon Jovi Taught Me How to Adapt to the Cloud

Assuring Application Performance: Where are the knobs?

VMTurbo was originally "AgilITy"

Do DRS and vMotions provide Control?

Using TURBONOMIC to Rightsize VMs

Build Your Private Cloud For Success with 3-tier Applications

When Disaster Strikes: How Robust is Your DR Capacity Planning & Testing?

Is There an Optimal CPU Utilization?

When it comes to DevOps - is it about the journey or the destination?

Manage VM Sprawl with Showbacks 

Manage Constraints in Cloud and Virtual Environments

Manage Constraints in Cloud and Virtual Environments

The Importance of Relationships and Dependencies in Virtual Environments

Software-Defined Networking: Your Questions Answered

Troubleshooting: Root Cause of Invalid memory setting: memory reservation (sched.mem.min) should be equal to memsize (memsize)

Capacity Planning In a Dynamic Virtual Environment

Storage I/O latencies – how fast should fast be?

Does OpenStack Have a Future in the Private/Hybrid Cloud?

Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars, Pt. 1: Application Scalabilty

Moving to Web-Scale IT

Implications for Memory Management When Virtualizing The LAMP stack: If Memory Serves Me Right?

Is OpenStack Dead? A Virtualization Practice Perspective...

Virtualization Best Practices: A House of Cards?

How to Get Promoted Faster in a Startup

Vblock Control and Management with VMTurbo

Vblock Advantages - and Challenges

VMTurbo ‘inside’ the best of breed converged infrastructure

Is Your Datacenter Infrastructure Truly Elastic?

The Brave New “Flat” World of Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

Demo: How Turbonomic Controls Diverse, Hyper-V-Centric Environments in a State of Perpetual Health

Aspirus: Success with VMTurbo

Safely Add Hyper-V Diversity to your IT Environment

How to Install and Deploy Turbonomic

Virtualization ROI - Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Heartland Business Systems - Case Study

“Franken-Monitor” Solutions Have “Big Data” In Common

The Journey to Hyperscale Operations

Rightsizing and The Need For A Global Perspective

The Holy Grail of IT Operations: Controlling the Virtual Data Center in the Desired State

The Reality of Modern IT Operations and Pareto

Behavioral analytics, dynamic thresholds, smart alerts and the Real Housewives of New Jersey: Do they matter?

Right-sizing Your Virtual Infrastructure On The Journey To IaaS

When is Free not Free?

So Many Alerts, So Little Time

The Invisible Hand of the Data Center: Analogy or Algorithm?

DRS vs. Turbonomic: Different by Design

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

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