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Announcing Support for Amazon EBS gp3 Storage Type

Posted by Jacob Ben-David on Jan 21, 2021 7:45:00 AM
Jacob Ben-David
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We are thrilled to announce Amazon EBS gp3 as a supported storage tier in the Turbonomic 8 Next-Generation Cloud Volumes Optimization Engine.

On December 1st, 2020, AWS announced the availability of gp3, its next-generation general purpose SSD volumes for Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS). Amazon EBS gp3 allows users to provision and dynamically modify performance independent of storage capacity and delivers up to 20% lower price-point per GB than the previously available gp2 volumes. Similar to io1 and io2, gp3 volumes enable users to scale IOPS as well as modify throughput without needing to provision additional block storage capacity.

The addition of gp3 has increased the amount of Amazon EBS volume types available to users to pick from to seven (see below).

AWS EBS Offerings Summary 2021

The complexity of large cloud estates is far beyond human scale to understand on an ongoing basis, with millions of configuration options and storage metrics to consider in meeting application demand. This leads cloud operations teams to significantly overprovision their storage to avoid performance problems - an approach that doesn’t always work and often brings massive unnecessary expenses.

Turbonomic 8 automates resourcing actions to continuously give applications the cloud resources they need when they need them. The platform’s AI engine uniquely enables customers to unlock the public cloud's elasticity by deriving the exact compute, memory, and storage requirements for cloud-hosted applications.

As an advanced AWS Technology Partner, Turbonomic worked closely with Amazon as part of the Amazon EBS gp3 private preview program, which enabled Turbonomic to accelerate the support for the gp3 storage tier - now available in Turbonomic 8.0.6, released on January 19, 2021.

"Customers are able to run many more of their most demanding workloads on gp3 at an even lower cost per gigabyte, and we are seeing great adoption since gp3 was launched," says Nathan Thomas, General Manager of Amazon Elastic Block Store at AWS. "It's great that Turbonomic customers can now enjoy the performance and cost benefits that gp3 brings."

Support for Amazon EBS gp3 further extends Turbonomic’s unmatched ability to deliver application performance at a significantly lower cost for AWS customers. During our internal testing, we noted that gp3 fulfills high-performance requirements where previously the more expensive io1 & io2 types were needed - meaning, many of Turbonomic’s performance actions are now significantly cheaper by utilizing gp3.

For example, a sizeable Turbonomic customer who uses our solution to optimize their AWS estate reported the following results after upgrading to version 8.0.6:

  • Potential Savings from optimizing EBS volumes increased by 84.5%
  • Required Investment needed to resolve EBS performance issues reduced by 93%

To better understand how the above results were achieved, let’s dive into an example taken from the new version. In the below example, Turbonomic detected an EC2 instance with an EBS io2 volume, which utilizes its provisioned IOPS capacity (2,152 IOPS) at 100% for 95% of the time (95th percentile), while its throughput utilization is below 4% for 95% of the time. Turbonomic’s AI-engine generated a non-disruptive EBS volume scale action to switch to EBS gp3 volume, with 3,075 provisioned IOPS and reduced Throughput capacity (125 MB/s). This results in a projected IOPS utilization of 70% - assuring application performance while reducing the volume cost by $162 per month. Only Turbonomic can achieve these results.

Solving IOPS congestion and reducing EBS storage costs

Turbonomic 8 support for Cloud volume optimization through volume scaling actions is available for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Learn more about Turbonomic 8 Cloud volume optimization capabilities here.

Blog Post:  Next-Generation Cloud Volumes Optimization Confidently scale with automated cloud storage optimization

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