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Turbonomic 6.4 Delivers Continuous Performance for Kubernetes at Multicloud Scale

Posted by Asena Hertz on Sep 18, 2019 9:38:39 AM

Don’t Let the Complexity of Microservices and Cloud Native Stall the Next-Gen Platforms that Run Your Modern Applications

When it comes to containers, modernization is about architecting applications for speed, scale, and elasticity. Microservice architectures and the CI/CD pipelines that support them are enabling developer speed, but increase the complexity of ensuring application services continuously run. 

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Topics: Containers

The Perfect Storm and Perfect Opportunity: How Cloud Native is Unlocking a Multicloud World

Posted by Asena Hertz on Apr 11, 2019 2:25:51 PM

We recently published our 2019 State of Multicloud Report (thank you to all those that took the survey and shared their experience!). It shed light on some interesting dynamics at play as organizations adopt their multicloud strategies. In short, they are adopting multiple clouds for the freedom to choose what’s right for their applications and their business. And containers and cloud native technologies are enabling them to do it. Definitely check out the full report.

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Announcing Turbonomic for Kubernetes-as-a-Service: Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE, and Pivotal PKS

Posted by Asena Hertz on Aug 22, 2018 4:15:18 PM

What’s New

Today Turbonomic announces its support for Kubernetes-as-a-Service offerings from Amazon, Azure, Google, and Pivotal. Now workloads in your KaaS deployments can self-manage—continuously navigating the tradeoffs between performance, compliance and cost. More specifically, the actions that can be automated in these Kubernetes distributions:

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Topics: Containers

Kubernetes Rescheduling: A Pod’s Life and Reincarnation

Posted by Asena Hertz on Jul 2, 2018 1:58:15 PM

Containers are today’s modern application standard, enabling rapid, iterative development and portability across any infrastructure. Container platforms—like Kubernetes—have risen out of the need to manage ever more distributed and dynamic cloud native applications. Problem solved, right? Wrong.

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Topics: Containers

Why Are You Here? Chants, Istio and gRPC Services at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon Europe 2018

Posted by Asena Hertz on May 14, 2018 2:00:44 PM
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Turbonomic & Cisco Deliver Automated Self-Healing for Continuous Network Intent Assurance

Posted by Asena Hertz on Jan 31, 2018 11:00:43 AM

Today Cisco announced the launch of Network Assurance Engine as part of its continuing mission to empower customers with intent-based data centers. Cisco has built a strong partner ecosystem around Network Assurance Engine’s open platform, which they discuss in their blog. In partnership with Turbonomic, network intent is continuously assured by software.

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Self-managing OpenShift with Turbonomic

Posted by Asena Hertz on Sep 21, 2017 1:00:34 PM

The Turbonomic container image is Red Hat Certified and listed in the Red Hat Container Catalog.

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Turbonomic & Cisco Tetration Are Enabling Network-Aware Automated Placement in Hybrid Cloud

Posted by Asena Hertz on Jun 26, 2017 8:30:50 AM

Cisco Live 2017 is here at last and we’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Cisco Tetration Analytics to deliver the only network-aware self-managing platform for hybrid clouds. For a live demo, you can find us at the Turbonomic booth #4633. Enlin Xu, Sr. Engineering Manager at Turbonomic will be there to showcase the integration and answer all your questions.

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Topics: Cloud

Networking and Data Center Operations

Posted by Asena Hertz on Aug 23, 2016 7:30:09 AM

Cisco Live
Our team was in attendance at the recent Cisco Live US in July, a conference and tradeshow, targeted at network engineers, the main user group of Cisco networking technologies. When those network folks - as they like to refer to themselves - stopped by our booth, we had pretty much the same conversation over and over again, in short: networking and data center operations technologies are connected, but the teams don’t really talk to each other, unless the packets hit the fan so to speak. That means that nobody seems to talk unless an application is down and data center operations suspects a networking issue to be the source of that failure.

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Topics: Networking and SDN

Plan your hardware refresh with customized storage and host templates

Posted by Asena Hertz on Jun 27, 2016 2:56:10 PM

Planning for different future scenarios is one of the capabilities our customers love about VMTurbo. Consider these scenarios:

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