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Bringing My Authentic Self to Work

Posted by Dallas DeMarr on Apr 13, 2018 2:51:18 PM

It’s not very common to find a workplace that allows you to be yourself - meaning that you can be transparent at work about your interests and hobbies outside of work. Bringing my authentic self to work hasn’t always been easy at past companies, but from time to time there are gems.  For myself, I use to struggle with being open about my hobby of gaming – which might sound silly, but it did indeed have a bad connotation in many workplaces. It seemed like the days of tech company game culture had come and gone.

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Making Lateral Career moves in R&D

Posted by Dallas DeMarr on Sep 14, 2017 3:00:42 PM

Manager: “So, what would you like to meet about, Dallas?”

Me: “I’d like to explore other career options.”

Was I quitting? Did I dislike my boss? Had I finally cracked? None of the above. This re-enactment of a real conversation I had with my manager and VP was simply an outcome of how comfortable I felt speaking to them.

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Assuring Cloud Performance Part 2: Hybrid Cloud Scaling & Service Levels

Posted by Dallas DeMarr on Aug 8, 2017 8:49:51 AM

Application Performance, for all applications- mission-critical or low priority- is about more than making sure the application is running. Like any other aspect of your environment, there is a very real quality of service component that can be ignored only at the risk of passing the burden of an under-performant infrastructure to your customers and internal users.

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Assuring Cloud Performance Part 1: Hybrid Cloud Workload Visibility

Posted by Dallas DeMarr on Aug 1, 2017 8:12:47 AM

Turbonomic understands that moving to the cloud is an intricate process for even the most savvy IT professional. For the rest of us, it is roughly as charming as a charismatic dentist meeting you for the first time gripping a sledgehammer. As well spoken and articulate as he is, your eye cannot help but wander to the tool and picture all the destruction it is capable of.

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Migrating On-Prem to Cloud: Part 2

Posted by Dallas DeMarr on Jul 11, 2017 8:22:42 AM

In the previous article, we spoke about the complexities and costs of migrating workload from an on-prem environment to the public cloud, and the negatives of an allocation-based migration model versus a demand-driven migration model that makes use of the actual utilization of your infrastructure. In this article, we’ll see how easy Turbonomic makes it for you to plan and accomplish your migration.

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Migrating On-Prem to Cloud: Part 1

Posted by Dallas DeMarr on Jul 5, 2017 8:40:23 AM

Migration Planning and Workload Placement

More and more often, people are either actively migrating workloads to the cloud or coming up with reams of reports and binders of completed consultations about how to do so. The wealth of information isn’t comical or out of place- it is a large, important decision to make this kind of change and commitment, and will affect all levels of the business. At times, the meetings and various bureaucratic bargaining surrounding the initial implementation bring to mind the crowded control rooms and urgent, tense atmosphere of the early Apollo missions- as well they should.

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A Deeper Dive Into the Workload Chart and My Environment

Posted by Dallas DeMarr on May 11, 2017 9:00:30 AM

In my previous blog, I explored the usefulness and benefit of the Workload Chart. However, I found myself hacking the blog post apart in order to keep it at a reasonable length- and thus decided to write a follow-up article that points out some of the more advanced features of the chart. Allow me to quote a paragraph from the first blog here, as a refresher:

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The Current State of my Environment, aka the Turbonomic Workload Chart

Posted by Dallas DeMarr on Apr 26, 2017 8:43:45 AM

Who doesn’t love a good graph or chart? They sometimes seem to be the lifeblood of any good organization, their accession to a report capable of defending or damning a position, causing the approval or denial of a myriad of resources.

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Understanding The Turbonomic Supply Chain Dashboard

Posted by Dallas DeMarr on Mar 15, 2017 11:04:46 AM


When taking stock of your environment, it can be difficult to keep all the moving pieces in view (in fact, this is likely one of the many reasons you’ve decided to introduce Turbonomic into your processes). Often, there will be a particular element in your environment that you’ll want to check up on- if only it were that simple.

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