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Turbonomic & EMC Scale IO Integration for Software Defined Storage (SDS)

Posted by Dor Juravski on Mar 28, 2017 8:51:26 AM

Throughout years of experience, I have encountered and handled performance issues for the application, server and network layers, but storage layers were often the hardest to address. Enterprise storage used to be monolithic – unmovable, little changes encouraged and a reluctance to reconfigure or adapt to changing needs of the applications. Modern enterprise storage allows easier, more flexible management with capability to control the application facing as well as backend configuration. Managing storage in the enterprise, however, is still a full-time task since more flexibility and more capabilities mean more options. Software Defined Storage (SDS) have been abstracting and hiding daily management decisions, but since no two environments are alike, storage admins should not rely only on SDS to cater for their specific environment needs.

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