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Cloud Scalability: Scale Up vs Scale Out

Posted by Leah Schoeb on Mar 15, 2018 4:45:10 PM

IT Managers run into scalability challenges on a regular basis. It is difficult to predict growth rates of applications, storage capacity usage, and bandwidth. When a workload reaches capacity limits the question is how is performance maintained while preserving efficiency to scale? The ability to use the cloud to scale quickly and handle unexpected rapid growth or seasonal shifts in demand has become a major benefit of public cloud services, but it can also become a liability if not managed properly. Buying access to additional infrastructure within minutes has become quite appealing. However, there are decisions that have to be made about what kind of scalability is needed to meet demand and how to accurately track expenditures.

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Cloud Elasticity vs Cloud Scalability

Posted by Leah Schoeb on Jul 7, 2017 8:17:41 AM

There are many aspects of cloud computing CIOs and IT managers should consider when deciding to add cloud services to their infrastructure. Cost, security, performance, availability, and reliability are some common key areas to consider. Another criterion that has been added to the list recently is cloud scalability and cloud elasticity.

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