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Spencer Mehm

Spencer Mehm
Spencer is a Junior Product Marketing Manager at Turbonomic.

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Announcing Turbonomic Support for SLO-Driven Scaling Across Applications, Kubernetes, and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Posted by Spencer Mehm on May 2, 2022 4:56:17 PM

We are excited to announce that Turbonomic supports horizontal scaling of cloud native application services as well as the underlying compute resources based on customer experience Service Level Objectives (SLOs). Released with 8.4.4, this feature is a huge step in supporting our customers who have modernized their business-critical applications to deliver great customer experiences while increasing elasticity. Too often organizations find themselves scaling microservices based on default utilization metrics and, unable to correlate autoscaling at the application layer with the underlying compute, spending a significant amount of labor setting triggers and policies that ultimately limit elasticity. With Turbonomic the investment in modern, cloud native microservices achieves elasticity that simultaneously benefits your bottom-line, customer experience, and even your sustainability goals.

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