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AWS Re:Invent 2021 Daily Recaps

Posted by Eric Wright & Jon Myer on Dec 2, 2021 4:22:10 PM
Eric Wright & Jon Myer

Day 1: Come Visit Our Booth

Turbonomic is very proud to be a part of the return to an in-person event with AWS, our long-standing partner. We are featuring lots of updates to our platform which have been recently unveiled including the addition of PaaS databases and our support for AWS GovCloud.

The keynotes are beginning on Tuesday so stay tuned for live updates and announcements as they come out. We have already heard some great new feature updates and customer stories that will be front and center, including some very exciting Turbonomic and IBM customers!

Follow us live on our Twitter feed and be sure to drop by the booth (#1572) in the expo hall to say hello to the entire Turbonomic team at the event. Our booth entertainment is top notch, and we have a huge giveaway as well for attendees at the event.

Day 2: Exciting New Announcements

It's been a huge week at AWS re:Invent which has included a veritable firehose of exciting new announcements from the now 15-year veterans and creators of cloud computing. Among the long list of product-led announcements were a few that really resonated with folks we have been speaking to around the event center in Las Vegas.

A couple of very interesting announcements stood out among the long list. We will be doing some more announcement rundowns in this blog as the event continues this week. During the Global Partner Summit Doug Yuem announced the AWS Graviton Ready Program for AWS Partners that support AWS Graviton-Based Amazon EC2 instances. AWS designed the Graviton processors to deliver the best price and performance for cloud workloads.

Application analytics and end-user experience were prominent among the driving factors for new capabilities like RUM (Real Users Monitoring). Being able to measure the true end-user experience using CloudWatch analytics opens the door to better understanding the relationship of resources to application performance. This increases the evidence in the importance of application performance and application experience to the customer. Obviously, an area of interest for Turbonomic to further our ability to deliver high-performance cloud application experiences without unnecessary spending and waste.

Moving to the cloud just got a little bit easier for existing applications with an interesting offering that is in Preview called Refactor Spaces. This new feature allows for incremental refactoring for applications in transition. Throughout the keynote and in many sessions, we hear the loud message that digital transformation is challenging, longer in duration than most expected, and needs to be prioritized. New services like Refactor Spaces will be interesting to watch to help unlock those three issues.

Kubernetes on AWS got a new boost with the addition of the new open source tool, Karpenter. With a lot of Kubernetes-specific tools in the market today, this is an interesting option. It was interesting to read the launch blog and see what we have also heard from customers that "Nearly half of Kubernetes customers on AWS report that configuring cluster auto scaling using the Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler is challenging and restrictive”. Thankfully we solve that problem with Turbonomic, and our ability to do fully autonomous Kubernetes implementations has definitely helped customers move into new areas of innovation. By letting the applications drive the infrastructure based on real-time demand you gain the optimal performance for the optimal cost, which is especially good with the on-demand scalability that the public cloud Kuberenetes implementations offer. We look forward to seeing how Karpenter will come into play with our platform and others in the ecosystem.

Day 3: All About Graviton

During Adam Selipsky's first keynote as AWS CEO, he announced the newest generation of its Arm-based Graviton processors, the new Graviton3 best performance for compute intensed workloads. Graviton is the next generation of custom processors built by Amazon Web Services using 64-bit Neoverse core.

To learn more about AWS Graviton2 and Graviton3 processors check out the links below:
Annoucing new Amazon EC2 Im4gn and Is4gen instances powered by AWS Graviton2 processors
Annoucing new Amazon EC2 C7g instances powered by AWS Graviton3 processes

Keynote Presentations to Checkout:

Peter DeSantis Keynote, today (Wednesday) 3pm - 5pm PST
Werner Vogels Keynote, tomorrow (Thursday) 8:30am - 10:30am PST

If you would like to attend the live keynotes, leadership sessions, and access on demand breakout sessions virtually register through this link, Attend AWS re:Invent Virtually.

Day 4: Try Turbonomic!

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