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Assuring Cloud Performance Part 1: Hybrid Cloud Workload Visibility

Posted by Dallas DeMarr on Aug 1, 2017 8:12:47 AM

Turbonomic understands that moving to the cloud is an intricate process for even the most savvy IT professional. For the rest of us, it is roughly as charming as a charismatic dentist meeting you for the first time gripping a sledgehammer. As well spoken and articulate as he is, your eye cannot help but wander to the tool and picture all the destruction it is capable of.

There is only so charming that you can make the Dentist- beyond that, you have to look at the tool. AWS, Azure, and other cloud platforms will exist as they are, and continue to evolve. A decision to move to their infrastructure is a decision to place your operations firmly within their sphere of influence. Turbonomic can make this decision much less frightening both during the move and after.

One of our guiding principles is that we provide visibility – on your journey to automation, you need to know what your environment is doing- your entire environment, not just on-prem, and not just cloud- while having the ability to switch effortlessly between the two. With automation, this necessity is mitigated somewhat, but there will always be reasons to check on your infrastructure from time to time.

cloud environment dashboard turbonomic


By default, the UI is scoped to the global environment – with good reason. An overview of your workload should be precisely that – an overview of all workload, running anywhere. However, Turbonomic offers the capability of zeroing in on your cloud environment with a simple group search:

turbonomic group search


All Cloud VMs, you say? That seems like what we’re angling for. Indeed, after selecting that scope, we’re presented with a much more streamlined view:

cloud vms dashboard


From here, we can view the details of just the cloud machines – everything from vCPU usage to Storage Latency. We can even go more granular, and see the cost of each virtual machine:

cost per vm


At a glance, we can get the details of a particular virtual machine – not only the aforementioned cost, but all the useful utilization values, which template it is using, and its current state.

With the click of a button, we can return to the global scope. Ideally, this is where you will spend most of your time. After all, despite the disparate environments that your workload is running on, Turbonomic will abstract and apply logic to them all, to bring them into harmony. Is your on-prem environment severely underutilized? Then perhaps you should spend less in the cloud, and move some back to your on-prem environment. Is your Quality of Service suffering because your on-prem infrastructure is overloaded? Move some of it to the cloud!

Turbonomic is the autonomic solution to your environmental woes. One of the many autonomic processes that take place in the human body is the balance of water and electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, and calcium. Hyperkalemia (an overabundance of potassium) can lead to such pleasant side effects as abnormal heart rhythm, and cardiac arrest.

Similarly, “hypercloudia” can result in abnormally high cloud costs, and an underutilization of perfectly good hardware! Underutilization of your cloud environment via overreliance on on-prem hardware can also result in negative impacts on the Quality of Service.

Turbonomic is uniquely positioned to aid with all of the incumbent issues. No one can say that moving workload to the cloud is painless, and nor is the balancing act of keeping all of your workload running in the most optimized environment, but Turbonomic is surely the most effective analgesic on the market.

Full visibility- All workloads, anywhere- a single pane of glass through which your environment can be viewed. Just one of the many factors that Turbonomic uses to get you where you want to be, without impacting application performance.

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