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Assuring Cloud Performance Part 2: Hybrid Cloud Scaling & Service Levels

Posted by Dallas DeMarr on Aug 8, 2017 8:49:51 AM

Application Performance, for all applications- mission-critical or low priority- is about more than making sure the application is running. Like any other aspect of your environment, there is a very real quality of service component that can be ignored only at the risk of passing the burden of an under-performant infrastructure to your customers and internal users.

Knowing when your applications are in need of more resources is an integral component of performance – and otherwise known as vertical scaling. One of the greatest autonomic aspects of Turbonomic is that via our Economic Scheduling Engine, we will recommend these resize actions before quality starts to suffer – just like how you don’t have to pass out from exertion or collapse in pain before your body starts pumping blood to your muscles. By reacting before this critical point, overall stress is reduced and your datacenter (or body) is able to absorb the added workload with minimal impact.

Reaching back into the literal from the metaphorical, let’s take a look at this action recommendation from my test environment:

scale vm

vCPU utilization is very high, so a recommendation has been made to increase vCPU on this VM, driving usage back down toward the desired state.

Turbonomic will make these recommendations for all virtual machines – resizing as needed on-prem based on the resize interval, and resizing to an appropriate template in the cloud.

Now, as anyone can tell you, there are more items to consider concerning applications than memory. Threads, connections, heap… all of these resources go into the optimal functioning of your application- and Turbonomic knows this! Turbonomic can make these recommendations as well, ensuring that you operate well within your target Service Level.

Turbonomic will also ensure that applications get the resources they need while in the cloud. This returns to the idea that, absent user-created restraints, the cloud is just an extension of your on-prem environment. Part of what we excel at is making the heterogeneous, homogeneous. From a business aspect, your on-prem environment and the cloud are two wildly different things, and thinking of them in the same broad swath might induce heart palpitations and a desire to lay down for a moment.

However, after applying some common-sense filters (desired cloud budget, data sovereignty considerations, stateless nature of cloud VMs without the appropriate storage, etc.) it is important to realize that via the abstraction layer of Turbonomic, your policies can be applied environment-wide… on-prem, and in the cloud. You no longer have to maintain multiple sets of data, multiple weary eyes and double-checking the AWS bill (having seen even a small one, I can certainly sympathize with anyone responsible for squaring up a large one- I’ve read symbols off of stone tablets that were easier to decipher).

Turbonomic is a single pane of glass- not a dirty kitchen window that allows you to see a sliver of the yard and the left edge of your garage, like some software- but a large bay window that allows you to relax, scotch in hand, as you look out on the front lawn of the entire manor. The value of seeing your on-prem and cloud resources as a singular environment cannot be overstated- and while others continue to struggle with the concept as we inexorably march toward the cloud-defined future, users of Turbonomic can say proudly that they’ve “always” kept such items in consideration- and they’ll be better for it.

The cloud is here. Whether a firmer hybrid solution is the ultimate answer, or more and more services shift to solely cloud providers is unsure – but what is sure is that customers and clients will always desire the best quality of service available. Turbonomic is prepared to deliver this, no matter where the workload is running. Visibility into any workload, anywhere – Turbonomic is autonomic. You don’t have to manually engage the optic nerve, or stimulate the ossicles- you have only to sit back, smile, and enjoy the show.

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