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Game of IT Silos Part 1: Meet the Houses- Dev, Ops, Sec

Posted by Eric Wright on Aug 23, 2017 1:30:55 PM
Eric Wright
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IT transformation is a phrase that drips off the tongues of CIOs everywhere these days.  There is little doubt that we are faced with a distinct challenge as we lean further into new methodologies for creating and managing IT services for our organizations.  The first step is to understand  what it is we are hoping to achieve. This is usually led by someone in the organization saying "we need DevOps" and then the games begin as to how to define the challenge of doing just that.

We won't spend as much time diving into the oft-debated definition of DevOps, although we will get there in a couple of posts.  The first thing we need to discover is why we need to chase these transformational phrases and methodologies.  It starts with three key things.

People, Process, Technology

We begin by thinking about the adjustment of the process.  The adoption of new process starts with people.  The last thing on the list is technology.   The order of those three things are very important and will be apparent, especially if you were to attempt them in a different order.  By properly altering the way that we work between our teams we have the opportunity to revisit how processes can be adjusted.  From there, we look towards an array of tools and technologies to achieve this.

Find me an IT organization and I'll show you a set of IT silos that would make any farmer jealous.  They are strong, tall, and built with a structural strength that could withstand the attacks of even the strongest sword.  In the case of our IT silos, it is about separation of duties which also translates to "not my problem" in direct translation.  If we start at the most common layers, we see three silos that you may know well.

Game of IT Silos - Introducing House Dev


House Dev is powered by code and believes itself to be the strongest force among all of the kingdoms.  The business cannot succeed without House Dev, and the soldiers of code who protect its mighty walls.  House Dev is empowered by budgets to drive the unknown magic they produce and never afraid to walk in the shadows....shadow IT that is.  Find me a company who doesn't think they are using the cloud and I'll find you a member of House Dev who is expensing some AWS instances because they were tired of waiting for access to servers.

Game of IT Silos - Introducing House Ops


The House Ops team is led by those who love metal...literally.  Bare metal advocates who believe in delivering hardware, and virtualizing for agility. They tend to often treat their server kingdom as the rightful owner to the Iron Throne.  The challenges they face are uptime, performance, procurement challenges, patching, and holding back the onslaught of potential enemies like those they believe exist in House Dev.

Empowered by the ability to slow down its enemies, House Ops is dreaded by the other houses because they have an uncanny ability to fight back against progress among the other kingdoms.

Game of IT Silos - Introduce House Sec


House Sec believes there are two kinds of environments:  those which we know have been breached, and those which have been breached but we don't know it yet.  Seated in any conversation with a keen eye on all in the room and at the ready to call out bad practices by all of the neighboring Houses, we often fear the residents of House Sec.  Some believe they practice dark arts, but the truth is that they are building strength to the fortress to protect all kingdoms from those outside the walls.

Meet the Houses Next

Our next post will dive into just who house Dev is and why many of the practices have been implemented, as well as the challenges they face which are driving this whole growing industry of transformative IT.  House Dev is agile and never afraid to guard their walls by day or night.  Will House Dev take the seat at the Iron Throne?  Keep reading to find out.

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