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Reasons We’re Thankful to be Part of TurboNation

Posted by Justin Graci on Dec 28, 2017 3:17:47 PM

We’re right in the middle of the holiday season and people are celebrating… whether it’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, Chinese New Year and even those of us who aren’t affiliated to any of these still celebrate family and friends around this time of year in some capacity.

The one theme I’ve noticed throughout any holiday around this time is the idea of “being grateful” or “giving thanks” to those around us. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on a few reasons why we’re all grateful and excited to be part of #TurboNation.

Family and Friends

The one thing you’ll hear over and over when our employees are asked what their favorite part about working at Turbonomic is (other than the technology) the people they work with. One of the unique things about Turbonomic is the workforce we have… it’s very much a family that has a team mindset behind it all. Each of us knows how important our individual families are and when we need to take time out of work for them, it’s encouraged that ‘family comes first.’ This is an incredibly supportive culture and it all stems from the friendships we’ve created.Turbo event fun with the team

Amazing Momentum and Opportunity

This past year has been incredibly special to us. We’ve seen the business grow in so many ways, from building out new teams, aligning focus for the next phase of growth and, of course, our customer base continues to grow as we surpass 1,800. Our customers are incredible and give us purpose to come to work every day. Additionally, I can’t pass over the accolades we’ve received and announcements we’ve made this year as well. We added the former CIO of GE to our Board, brought Jennifer Heard over from Microsoft to lead our global channel/partner programs, Alex Hesterberg joined from Pure Storage, we landed a spot on the Forbes Cloud 100 for a second straight year, partnered with Cisco, brought on board Mark Thurmond as first ever COO and most recently landed a place on CRN’s 2017 Tech Innovators list. We’re so grateful for what continues to happen each day, and it keeps going!

Women in Tech at Turbonomic

Something else we’re thankful for this year is our employee-led group, “Women in Tech at Turbonomic” which is a community for women to reach their professional potential by building their confidence, sharing ideas, offering advice, and supporting each other. This year we saw the internal group grow in numbers and they hosted some of their biggest events to date. It’s amazing what employees are able to put together and we’re excited to watch it grow even bigger and stronger in 2018. Check out this blog highlighting a recent event they hosted: https://turbonomic.com/blog/on-careers/women-in-tech-wine-not-enough/women_tech

Milestone Moments, Celebrated Together

Since we’re all a big family here, it’s not a surprise that we celebrate our personal milestones. This year we’ve seen a few special moments such as; marriages, engagements, work anniversaries and marathon completions. All of these were celebrated in special ways throughout the year and we always take the time out of our busy days to highlight personal achievements and milestones.


An Evolving Culture, True to its Roots

Like any culture, the Turbo culture continues to evolve over time with new additions to our team, new processes put in place and the growth we each experience over time. We’ve gotten more comfortable with embracing what our culture is and we’re now creating new ways to showcase our high-performance, high-reward culture to the broader community. With all the changes we’ve experienced, we never lose sight of the roots we were founded on. We have a piece of art in each of our offices we call, “The Growth Tree” and this is meant to symbolize our growth… as we grow bigger, we bud new leaves on the tree, but with the growth our roots remain the strong support system below it all.

It’s been an amazing year and we all have so much to be thankful for during these holiday months, but as we look to 2018, we couldn’t be more excited for what it has in store for us as we continue to build our #TurboNation bigger and stronger. Happy holidays from Turbonomic!

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