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2019 IT Predictions

Posted by Tom Murphy on Jan 7, 2019 1:27:53 PM

Many in the IT industry would label 2018 as the “Year of the Cloud Rush.”

With the New Year approaching, Turbonomic surveyed more than 800 global enterprise organizations to identify their 2019 priorities. Based on the results, here are our top three predictions for 2019!

Prediction #1: Multi-Cloud Growth

While many experimented with multiple cloud providers in 2018, it’s clear multi-cloud will become accelerated in 2019.

  • 32% of all respondents plan to leverage two cloud providers
    • Of the two cloud organizations, 60% plan to leverage AWS and Azure
  • 26% plan to leverage three or more clouds
  • 42% plan to use only one cloud provider
    • 42% plan to leverage Azure
    • 32% plan to leverage AWS
    • 26% plan to leverage the other providers

Prediction #2: Reduce Cloud Operating Cost

The survey found that 40% of respondents plan to be over budget on their cloud bill in 2019 – a stunning “acceptance” for cost overruns.  This highlights the need for controls and optimization.

  • Over 50% plan to reduce their on-premises estate while moving workloads to the cloud
  • 20% plan to move most workloads to the cloud
  • 19% plan to move non-critical workloads
  • 11% plan to move their mission-critical workloads

Prediction #3: AI Delivers Self-Managing IT

As more workloads move to the cloud, the management solutions need to keep pace.  According to respondents, below are their top friction points:

  • 36% difficulty migrating applications to the cloud
  • 34% cloud skills gap
  • 34% inability to forecast cloud costs
  • 25% rightsizing on-premises environment before moving to cloud
  • 25% enforcing policy compliance

With these predictions, we believe AI-powered “SMART” workloads (self-manage, anywhere, in real-time) will emerge as a key solution in 2019.  SMART workloads elevate an IT team freeing them to innovate.

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