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5 Reasons I Come into Work Excited Every Day

Posted by Jason Zandri on Nov 29, 2017 8:12:51 AM

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” I have heard that statement countless times in my life over the past 30 years, basically since the day I started my first, full time job, but unfortunately, I never put it into practice, since other things always took priority.

First it was, “steady work.”  Then it was “job security.” As I got older, it was “vacation” and “health care” and other job benefits. Of course, money was always the most predominant factor.

moneyYou’re getting money, and other job perks and benefits, in exchange for your skills, expertise, and the time dedicated to the work; it is to compensate you for what you’re exchanging (knowledge), what you’re providing (service to the company), and what you’re giving up (your time).

Often however, people are not happy with their jobs, nor excited in what work they are doing, despite this total compensation. This makes “being fulfilled” at your job such a difficult thing to obtain because sometimes it runs counter to “great pay and benefits,” but very now and again, some people find their unicorn…

I’ve been at Turbonomic for just two short months, but I am excited to get up and get started with what I am doing each day. There are quite a few reasons why, but if I had to round out the top five they would be as follows:

The opportunity is fully rewarding for self-starting individuals

self-starterThere is nothing quite like being handed an assignment or a task, brainstorming on what is needed for an end result, and then being able to run with it on your own. Yes, you have to do a point check here and there, and you may need to make a tweak or two, but it’s all yours to run with. And if you need help? Well… that’s point number two.

Your peers, teammates, and other co-workers want you to succeed

Teamwork at TurbonomicThe people I work with are the most extremely dedicated, intelligent, and ambitious people someone is ever going to meet and have the pleasure to collaborate with. I have worked for large corporations and small ones – Turbonomic has been the best peer environment that I have seen to date (and that’s a reflection from 20 years of Information Technology employment history).

Opportunity everywhere

Not only do I have the chance to succeed all on my own, but I have other avenues and opportunities open to me for “other” work (like this blog post). I don’t get locked into the same tasks day after day; there’s always something else to engage in.

Speak your mind

More than just having the opportunity to speak my mind, I am actually listened to. Twice now in my eight short weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to “challenge the status quo” so to speak. Not only did I get my chance to say what I felt, I could see “the needle” move because of what I said. Consideration to my points have been taken. That is huge – anywhere.

I am my only limit

I really believe my success will only be limited by the most that I can do. What I mean is, the opportunity is there – if I have the extra time “at the end of the day” or on some off hours, just to putter on something extra, or if I really want to engage along a parallel route to learn a new part of the business and maybe consider spreading into that realm, I can. As long as I have the time and the passion for it, Turbonomic is saying to everyone “how far do you want to go today?”

My journey at Turbonomic is just getting started and it’s so cool to realize that so long as I am here, I will be doing what I love and not “working.”

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