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Join me for @Interop - Not Just for the Network Anymore

Posted by Eric Wright on Apr 4, 2016 12:26:23 PM
Eric Wright
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Interop has been around for a long time, and has evolved quite a bit. I was able to track down some interesting articles that highlighted moments of Interop content which was very network-centric. As the name implies, Interop was really focused on interoperability in networking platforms and was the place to be when talking about TCP/IP as the protocol became the discussion point of choice at the event in the earlier years.


Born as the TCP/IP Workshop, it became Interop, evolved into NetWorld, then NetWorld + Interop, a sprinkling of COMDEX along the way, and now Interop continues to thrive and grow as a central place to capture the conversation of burgeoning IT solution for networking, virtualization, cloud computing and much more.

Over the years, the event has transformed itself along with the industry. We are seeing much more representation from the entire stack of computing in both data center and cloud arenas. The networking focus is still obvious, and important. We have seen the blurring of the lines between the traditional silo admins into what is becoming a broad, cross-discipline approach to designing and operating IT environments.

There is a great history site dedicated to a lot of the archives from Interop over the years. Make sure to have a look and you can see just how much the event has evolved over the years.

Join Me at Interop 2016 in Las Vegas

This is my second year presenting in Las Vegas at Interop, so I’m honoured to be among the wide array of industry and community representatives again this year. The event is going to be running from Monday May 2nd through Friday May 6th. The first two days of the event are workshops and long-form sessions that offer up some great learning opportunities from a variety of great speakers.

We will be seeing the doors open on the Expo Floor on the 4th and 5th of May (yes, that’s May the 4th be With You day) and with that we also have a multitude of sessions covering topics up and down the IT stack. My sessions at the event are

Adopting Private Cloud: A Practical Approach

Wednesday May 4th 11:45 AM-12:45 PM

The first of my two sessions at the event will be covering the adoption of private cloud for your organization. Taking practical experience from introducing private cloud technologies into companies of all sizes, this session will go over key success factors to bringing a private cloud into your environment and gaining adoption on both the business and technology teams.



OpenStack for Enterprise

Thursday May 5th 10:30 AM-11:30 AM

The second of my sessions is one that is close to my heart as a long time fan and supporter of the OpenStack ecosystem. Using working examples of how the enterprise customers are evolving to add OpenStack to their IT portfolio, we discuss the challenges with OpenStack, how to overcome those challenges, and other resources to bring an OpenStack private cloud onboard at your organization.



Each session is built to allow for interactive chatting and making sure that we give you the resources to succeed in getting closer to private cloud success. Attendees can gain advantage from a technological approach, as well as a business approach. I’m very excited by these brand new presentations and I also have a special gift to give away in each session!

Thank you to the Interop Team - See you in Las Vegas!

The folks who organize and host the Interop event continue to be great community supporters. This is gearing up to be a really fun and informative event.

Hope to see you in Las Vegas! Make sure to drop by to the sessions, or you can also find me when I’m on the Expo floor at the VMTurbo booth in between events.

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