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Eric Senunas

A Welcome Pivot: @discoposse to Join about:virtualization (and Turbonomic)

I've been working to bring about:virtualization to life for almost a year now, but this is the first time I've actually contributed content.

Until now, I've (wisely) left that to my much smarter colleagues like Yuri Rabover and Steve Wilson, or our brilliant contributors like Steve Haines and the many others like Byron Schaller and Eric Wright who've been kind enough to allow us to curate some of their amazing content here at about:virtualization.

Earlier today, an old friend of ours - the aforementioned Eric Wright, System Architect at Raymond James, VMUG leader, OpenStack writer, Virtual Design Master master and blogger @discoposse - published a very interesting post entitled, "What a Year Already. Now It's Pivot Time." He recounted what an amazing year (really 2013 - 2014) he's had from:

But after all that came my favorite line of his post - "So, this is where the story gets exciting." (like everything else was just another day at the office) And then he announced what made me happiest of all:

Eric Wright, aka DiscoPosse, aka Minion Wrangler, aka Humble-Canadian-Architect-guy (ok, I made those last two up, but they're both spot on) is making a pivot in his career to join - wait for it -


Which just happens to be where I work, so this news was particularly awesome for me.

And yes, I knew he was joining us on September 29, and I knew he'd done a lot of cool stuff in the last year (and in his career), but I didn't realize just quite how much cool stuff he'd been doing.

And yet, it was joining VMTurbo "where the story gets exciting." Awesome.

Needless to say, we're as excited as Eric that he's joining us as Technology Evangelist, and becoming a regular contributor to about:virtualization. He'll be the yin to Steve Haines' yang in the awesome Devs are from Venus, Ops are from Mars series Steve started, but he'll also be writing about OpenStack, Containers, DevOps, and many other interesting topics every week.

So welcome Eric to VMTurbo and about:virtualization. We're thrilled to be the place you've chosen to be the welcome pivot in your (thus-far) interesting and accomplished career. And we're looking forward to all the interesting things you'll do helping fellow technologists understand the power of Software-Driven Control.

Eric will continue to blog and tweet @discoposse, and will continue to contribute to the community as a speaker, contributor, educator, but he'll get to do all that full-time now - along with helping the most-advanced VMTurbo customers succeed and helping bring back ideas and energy from the community to our labs in New York and Toronto.

I realize I've given away the punch line, but read his full post over at - it's a great read from a great guy.

One that we're now extremely privileged to call a colleague. Welcome home @discoposse.