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2015 in Review, Continuing the Journey Toward Application Performance

Posted by Chris Ward on Jan 1, 2016 10:45:12 AM

We are continuously investing in enhancing our platform based on customer and market needs with the vision of controlling any workload on any infrastructure, any time, any where.

That was said to me on my first day by VMTurbo Founder Shmuel Kliger. It was July 5th 2011 and at the time we had 20 or so employees and about 10 customers (today we have over 500 employees and we’re at 1000s of customers). Don’t worry, I quickly got over the fact I had to start the day after July 4th.

It’s has been and always will be our rallying cry… still makes my blood pump.

If you couldn’t tell already: I bleed Green. I drink the Kool-Aid. Spend a lot of time passing it out to new employees, future hires, customers and prospects alike! Aptly enough, I run the Customer Experience team at VMTurbo. We put ourselves in the minds and seats of customers and continually ask what can be improved. We are the voice of the customer. Candidly, our customers love us.

It’s a credit to our customers - Much of our road-map is driven by existing customer needs. We created the Green Circle Community to serve as an open forum for ideas, conversations, differing perspectives, etc. We partner with clients to help them transform their data center or cloud for any application or business need. Colossal credit also goes to our topnotch developers who marry the customer needs with our Founders vision every day. By every DAY I mean that in a literal sense – the pace at which the development team adds functionality is astounding. 4 major version releases a year with multiple updates in-between:


Now see how these positive changes are reflected in the UI:

This journey has been a rewarding ride and nowhere near the end. Everyone here is grateful for our customers and lucky to participate in building something special. I’ll leave you with my final reflection/timeline. Scan at our old office(s), our growing team, and past events (does anyone remember “Turbo Tim”…), and appreciate with me the JOURNEY. I look forward to see what 2016 will bring!

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