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2017 and How Turbonomic is Driving the Future of Hybrid Cloud Management

Posted by Eric Wright on Jan 4, 2018 9:00:45 AM
Eric Wright
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There is little doubt that the IT industry is expanding rapidly and fighting to find its footing as hybrid infrastructure becomes the de facto standard at many or most organizations.  2017 proved this out in many ways.  I witnessed it throughout events from every aspect of IT.  This year saw Turbonomic representing our platform and customers at every major vendor and community event with a message that got resounding positive feedback.

Being in these events and seeing the growth and change across the hybrid cloud stack reflected what’s happening in our customer ecosystem which is 1800 strong and growing rapidly.  There is a common theme to the successful stories of IT innovation:  automation is the key to enabling innovation, but what’s needed is the decision engine for this new hybrid cloud.

Customer Validation of Turbonomic Trusted Automation

Self-driving cars will take time to become standard.  The same had been true with self-managing infrastructure.  The greatest joy for me as I visit customer sites and speak with my peers in the community, is how my team at Turbonomic has been working to increase adoption of automation for infrastructure management and optimization across the full hybrid stack.  A resounding hurrah came in 2017 as IT Central Station named Turbonomic as the leading cloud management software product of 2017 ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/categories/cloud-management ) which caps off an amazing year in growth and adoption at Turbonomic.

IT-CentralStationWe are honored to have been named as the leader in this category by IT Central Station and most importantly by our customers which tells us that our message is hitting home.  The uniquely differentiated approach that Turbonomic takes to solve the challenges and economics of hybrid cloud environments continues to be proven out in every flavor and size of production environment around the world.

Unlocking Your Full Hybrid Cloud Potential with a Trusted Platform

What does this mean for operations teams?  It validates the need to drive towards automation to accelerate innovation.  As a long-time proponent for automation and orchestration, this is music to my ears! Every organization and every Operator, Architect, and Developer is at a different stage with their adoption of automation. This is why the Turbonomic team have worked to map to these important use-cases so that we can enable the evolution of both data center and cloud environments regardless of the applications or underlying infrastructure.

The best proof comes from seeing the results and after hundreds of meetings with customers, analysts, partners, bloggers, and more, we closed out the calendar strong with plenty of excitement to carry us through to 2018 which is ramping up quickly!  Thank you to all of our amazing customers and champions who have seen and shared in the value Turbonomic has to bring.

This is only the beginning.  Happy new year!

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