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A Closer Look at VMTurbo’s Transition to Turbonomic

Posted by Geeta Sachdev on Aug 17, 2016 8:00:27 AM

Today, VMTurbo made an exciting change that's also an important milestone in our company history: VMTurbo is now Turbonomic.

As with any rebranding initiative, this change raises many questions for our customers, our employees, our partners, and the IT community at large. Most importantly, perhaps, is how this changes our long-term technology vision and strategy.

The short answer? It doesn’t.

Our vision and mission remain the same as they have always been. Here’s how Turbonomic better reflects our core values established over the years, as well as what Turbonomic means for the future.

An Agnostic Approach to the Technology Landscape

Our company was founded based on a vision to transform IT operations by enabling cloud and virtual environments to self-manage in real time to assure application performance. This vision was based on the belief that an autonomic platform is more scalable and effective at managing IT than legacy monitoring, break/fix approaches – and is the only way to assure application performance.


This is especially true as the complexity and scope of IT continues to increase exponentially, driven by application proliferation, accelerated virtualization and cloud adoption, and compounded by a technology landscape changing faster than ever before.

Today, Turbonomic remains true to our founding mission to help customers manage any workload, on any infrastructure, anywhere, anytime – supporting a multitude of cloud, application, containerization and virtualization platforms, from any vendor.

A Synergistic Customer Philosophy

Our customers are the Turbonomic story. Our journey to Turbonomic has been driven by customer feedback around the problems we solve and the value we provide – and Turbonomic reflects this value.

First and foremost, our customers told us they are leveraging Turbonomic to go beyond the VM, and manage cloud- and container-based applications in addition to virtual machine-based workloads. A good example is Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ use of Turbonomic to manage workloads across multiple public cloud platforms, serving as the core IP and engine of Verizon Intelligent Cloud Control.

Secondly, our customers have told us repeatedly that Turbonomic is essential for them to adopt new technologies to transform their environments.

For example, a recent addition to the Turbonomic family runs a media management application that makes up a significant percentage of the world’s Internet traffic on any given day. Upon reviewing their long-term strategy, they decided they wanted to seamlessly migrate that application from a traditional virtualization platform to KVM – and with Turbonomic, they now are.

Finally, our over 1500 customers have also shared that they rely heavily on Turbonomic for foundational support—assuring QoS levels and minimizing CapEx and OpEx spend—so that they can focus on driving the business forward, rather than keeping the lights on.

Customers such as the Fortune 50 health insurance provider who used Turbonomic to avoid outsourcing the management of their entire VDI infrastructure, or Travelport, leveraging Turbonomic across many thousands of workloads, trust us as a technology partner to meet their business and IT objectives.

Understanding these values as a company led us to the realization that we have a unique opportunity to elevate and expand the story we are telling the broader community, and better align with customer feedback around our core value drivers.  Thus, “Turbonomic."

New Name, Same Vision

Turbonomic is an autonomic platform that enables cloud and virtual environments self manage in real time based on economic principles of supply and demand to assure application performance.

Let's break down the three key elements: Turbo, Autonomic, and Economic.

Turbo = real-time performance: We’ve built a strong brand around Turbo since 2009 with over 1500 customers and 100,000+ users.  Many of our customers refer to us as “turbo” and equate our brand with the green circle of health. Our customers appreciated us keeping the Turbo they’ve come to trust.

Autonomic = self-managing: “autonomic” is a control system that self manages to regulate and maintain vital functions such as heart rate or breathing.  Autonomic can also be extended to the data center - where cloud and virtual environments self manage vital functions such as provisioning, placement and configuration in real time to assure application performance.

Economic = supply and demand:  “Economic” is our core IP’s DNA, based on market principles of supply and demand to enable every element of the infrastructure to act as a buyer or seller, so that resources are allocated efficiently in real time to assure application performance. This engine assures that every application gets exactly what it needs – no more and no less – to keep the environment as a whole in a “Goldilocks” state.

Customers rely on Turbonomic to drive application performance, efficiency and agility, now and in the future.  With Turbonomic, customers are freed to do what they do best: innovate, create, and drive change. We are thrilled to announce our new name, gratified to reflect on the story behind it, and even more excited about what’s to come.

To continue the conversation, our founder Shmuel Kliger will share his thoughts on the extensibility of Turbonomic and dive into what our vision of “any workload, on any infrastructure, anywhere, anytime” implies for IT as a whole.

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