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Accelerate Your Cloud Migration with RiverMeadow and Turbonomic

Posted by Ben Yemini on Nov 28, 2016 10:34:22 AM
Ben Yemini
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For many organizations the cloud holds a promise of delivering better applications faster and some even argue more securely. While private clouds democratize access to the underlying compute, storage and network resources presented by a hypervisor they also introduce unpredictable demand on the underlying environment often slowing down the time to get resources up and ready for end-users to leverage.

On the other hand, public cloud service provides like AWS or Azure promise access to unlimited resources, have a somewhat straight forward self-service portal and “take care” of placement decisions for you.

Speed Bumps On the Path to the Cloud

The path to the cloud is often filled with speed bumps and some bruises. Cost overruns for unexpected cloud bills or time involved in planning and executing a migration are common with most customers I speak with. For every organization that has matured in their cloud journey and has anointed a cloud center of excellence team to plan out the holistic shift & lift strategy there are dozens that have only begun to get their arms around shadow IT and understanding what is running where now.

Our goal at Turbonomic is to enable our customers assure performance of their applications no matter where or how they run. This is why we’re excited to partner with RiverMeadow and help enterprises address the friction points when migrating servers to the cloud.


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RiverMeadow Cloud Migration

RiverMeadow Cloud Migration SaaS is a proven solution for addressing key challenges in a cloud migration. After all, lifting and shifting servers from one compute environment to another is complex. Unless you’re migrating servers between exact environments, they will surely fail when they reach the target. An understanding of whether or not they will run as well as the ideal configuration and services to deploy in the target is critical for ensuring server operation and peak performance. RiverMeadow’s solution provides the ability to seamlessly migrate from a VMware environment to AWS as well as AWS back to VMware.

And even more importantly with the combination of RiverMeadow and Turbonomic joint customers are empowered to assure the performance of any application whether running in VMware, AWS or across a hybrid combination. The joint solution also enables architects and engineers to minimize the time, cost and risk associated with migrating apps to the cloud. And following a migration ensures cloud instances consume only the resources needed to run your apps in the most efficient manner without sacrificing an inch of performance.

How Does It Work

With RiverMeadow and Turbonomic planning and execution your migration is easy. The joint solution enables you to map resource requirements across hypervisors and public clouds with robust support for VMware and Amazon Web Services. Turbonomic discovers multi-tier applications, creates move groups and imports them to your RiverMeadow SaaS source library.

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RiverMeadow SaaS Simplifies Migration

Turbonomic then identifies the exact compute, storage and network resource requirements to guarantee app performance at the target site, configures the new environment and automatically recognize the new topology. It then adds the target to the RiverMeadow SaaS cloud library.

To execute the migration, you simply check the sources you want to migrate in the RiverMeadow UI, select the target cloud you’re migrating to, configure the migration plan and click migrate. From there, Turbonomic will ensure performance in the new target environment by providing the best initial and ongoing placement and sizing by matching the real-time workload demand to the underlying cloud environment.

Shrink Change Windows

With Turbonomic and RiverMeadow you’ll shrink change windows executing the immigration without downtime. Once the desired infrastructure is in place, RiverMeadow lifts and shifts servers to the target data center with no downtime or manual configuration. Turbonomic assures the highest level of performance of your mission-critical applications without overprovisioning and RiverMeadow ensures servers reach their target destination with just a few button clicks.

With real-time performance assurance and seamless migrations across a hybrid cloud environment you’ll get those resources to developers and application owners much more quickly without having to worry about violating uptime SLAs.

Learn more about the joint solution here.

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