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Chris Graham

All-Flash Pure Storage Control: The Last Mile of Instant Infrastructure

VMTurbo Pure Storage White Paper Read the free whitepaper!

For those among ye investing in your private infrastructure (as opposed to ponying-up dinero to Amazon), there is a stellar chance that you're evaluating a flash (or in the least, hybrid) storage solution for your SAN portfolio. Flash delivers upwards of 10x the IOPS of hard disk, as well as in-line data reduction that minimizes read and write activity - increasing overall array longevity.

So who cares? In the words of The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, "A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be." Truth be told, we're a pretty un-athletic bunch, but a little birdie tells us that you are ahead of the puck. You care.

Private clouds are moving to open source operating systems (namely this one - thanks, Walmart), applications are increasingly architected to scale-out (as opposed to up), and storage is increasingly defined in software but sitting on flash. In each of the above, VMTurbo is skating the trajectory of the market. We are proud that our very first all-flash Storage Control integration is with market disrupter Pure Storage in the form of the VMTurbo Pure Storage Control Module.

Last week, VMTurbo Software Engineer, Vivek Nandavanam, joined Pure Storage Director of Emerging Alliances, Craig Halliwell, for a live webinar discussing the Pure Storage Control Module, the integration, how it works, and uses cases.

At the highest level, this integration leverages the REST API of the Purity Operating Environment to access real-time telemetric data within the Pure Storage FlashArray. Said data includes storage amount, storage provisioned, storage latency, and storage access, enabling VMTurbo to map the end-to-end relationships from (Virtual) Application to Virtual Machine to Host to Datastore to Controller to Physical Volume, and take actions at each and every element in that chain.

VMTurbo Pure Storage Webinar Screen Shot Re-watch the complete webinar recording here! (30 minutes)

On the webinar, Mr. Nandavanam and Mr. Halliwell discussed three use cases wherein this integration is delivering value to joint customers:

  1. Maximizing return on Pure Storage investments by aligning upstream resources for maximal performance and efficiency. Why pay for flash if you're going to make performance-degrading sizing, placement, and configuration decisions above it? Which workloads should reside on each volume? When should you resize a volume versus provision additional volumes? What impact will all of the above decisions have?
  2. Controlling workloads across heterogeneous storage environments, and identifying which workloads should be migrating to Pure Storage FlashArray versus other SAN nodes. Yes, we are willing to cede that most flash rollouts occur in phases. Are you being as smart as possible with each?
  3. Capacity planning for incremental FlashArray deployments. How do you know when to buy additional FlashArrays? How many do you need? What will the performance increase be? What if you knew all of the answers prior to purchasing?

Intrigued? Of course you are; you've heeded the Tao of Gretzky. There are lots of options here. Watch the complete webinar recording, download the white paper, or view the 1-page data sheet. The Flash Revolution is nigh. Are you in the know?