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Eric Wright

Primed for Quality of Service:  Amazon Prime Day to Highlight Need for QoS

July 15th is Amazon Prime Day.  This event marks a shopping extravaganza not unlike what Black Friday usually brings, but in this case it is being run by Amazon directly.  This brings up some important points around how the online retailing giant deals with this big event.

How do you think that Amazon prepared for the massive load that will be thrust upon their E-Commerce environment?  Creating scalable applications and virtual resources is most likely a big part of the plan to keep up to the demand.  This is why E-Commerce environments often look to the public cloud infrastructure as a way to tackle the variable demand that may come to their web application environment.

VMTurbo has been providing the ability to scale your application infrastructure to respond to application demand, and this has led some very exciting customer use-cases to scale as needed based on the real-time demand and the full visibility into your virtualized infrastructure.  When an application is horizontally scalable, VMTurbo will provide actions to scale which can be fully automated, as well as the ability to retract those resources as demand subsides.

What if my company isn't like Amazon?

This is a valid point to make, which actually strengthens the need for VMTurbo to control your infrastructure.  Amazon has the ability to scale horizontally far beyond what any other organization would be willing to.  They own all of the infrastructure, so there are less limitations to them.  This is why the control that VMTurbo brings you, along with measurable Quality of Service for your applications, is of absolute importance to you and your customers.

Even if you believe that massive scale out is the answer, what is the real cost?  What is the trigger to scale out?  Whether you are Amazon or not, the decision to scale is often being made by an operations team, or even worse by waiting for failures to trigger the scaling of the application environment.  Either way is fundamentally flawed.

Using the industry leading VMTurbo Application Control Module, organizations can move from fighting fires to assuring application performance with Quality of Service and Service Level Assurance.  Regardless of whether you are in E-Commerce, Health Care, Financial Services, or any other sector of the market, the path to Quality of Service is here for you.

Happy Prime Day, and more!

Make sure you make the most out of Prime Day, Black Friday, and every other shopping holiday, and in the mean time, here are some great free resources to get you on the path to assuring application performance with Quality of Service using VMTurbo.

For more information on E-Commerce and the battle against latency, you can download our free white paper here. VMTurbo has also commissioned Principled Technologies to show in an independent test that application performance with VMTurbo Operations Manager was increased by 37% which translated to a 23% increase in orders per minute that could be processed on the testing platform.  The full testing report is available here.

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