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Ben Yemini

Assuring Performance with VMTurbo on NetApp Storage

Last Friday, March 6th, NetApp shipped its last version of OnCommand Balance. OnCommand Balance promised to help NetApp storage customers to manage their end-to-end virtual infrastructure from servers to storage disks.

netapp storage - oncommand Enabling them to:
- Reduce troubleshooting time by 80%
- Optimize VM densities
- Improve server and storage utilization
- And manage service levels.

End-of-life is never a fun decision for any product line but most vendors will have a path to another product which offers similar capabilities.  NetApp is no different. It now offers two “replacement paths” for OnCommand Balance: OnCommand Performance Manager and OnCommand Insight.

Both products offer greater visibility and insight into your NetApp storage whether you are virtualizing I/O intensive workloads like a database, dealing with the randomness of I/O spikes in a VDI environment or entertaining a hybrid cloud.

But does increased visibility assure performance?

Balance or no balance VMTurbo has been a NetApp partner since October of 2013 and the value we provide to our customers who have chosen NetApp Storage for their virtual infrastructure has not changed. We help them assure application workload performance while maximizing efficiency of the underlying infrastructure.

With the OnCommand tools NetApp offers insight into metrics on the arrays and relies on a storage-centric monitoring paradigm.  However, it is unable to understand workload demand and how to assure those workloads receive the compute, storage and network resources they need to perform.

With our Storage Control Module we bridge a critical gap by bringing an understanding of what is going on in the storage layer (beneath the datastore) and the resource demand of the application and VMs for the purpose of decision making.

Decisions not metrics 

netapp storage - decision

These decisions empower virtualization and storage teams with actionable intelligence. Intelligence that takes the data that the NetApp tools provide and leverages it by taking actions that assure application performance on the smallest possible footprint.

So if you’re contemplating what to do to replace your OnCommand Balance tool why not first give VMTurbo a try and see how we can help you assure performance in your environment.