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Ben Yemini

Customers Say Assuring Workload Performance is the Top Challenge We Solve

We recently partnered with TechValidate, a trusted authority for creating customer evidence content, to survey our customer base. The firm collected responses from over 150 customers worldwide across a variety of industries. The results that came back were extremely powerful and useful for us to continue and make sure customers get the value we promise. We thought we’d share some of the findings in this forum.

In our most recent survey, we asked customers about the challenges they solved with VMTurbo, how we complement other tools in their virtual datacenters and their overall perception of the value we provide. As we’ve seen in other surveys, the feedback was very positive. Some of the highlights included:

  • 89% of customers saw value in the first 3 months and 35% saw value in the first 3 days
  • Customers solved both workload performance and efficiency challenges
  • 89% would recommend VMTurbo to a colleague or friend

One of the more interesting findings for me was what customers prioritized in terms of challenges we help them address. As you can see below the challenges range across performance, efficiency and planning for the future.

Customer Content verified by TechValidate.

Prospects often start the discussion with us around the need to reduce or maintain data center costs (efficiency) despite a growing set of demands from application owners or their desire to find a more sophisticated capacity planning tool.  We certainly help solve those challenges but what customers discover is that ensuring workload performance is an even more important benefit.

In fact, 71% of our customers ranked ensuring performance for independent workloads sharing common infrastructure as the top challenge we help them address.