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Ben Yemini

NWP Improves Its Billing Application Performance

We often talk about how VMTurbo helps our customers assure application performance while utilizing the underlying infrastructure as efficiently as possible. For NWP, an Irvine, California based utilities billing solutions provider this means two things 1) delivering bills on time so that their customers are able to get paid on time and 2) delivering their service at a cost competitive price.

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Like many of our customers, NWP began the virtualization journey but stalled when they reached 40% virtualized as the environment got more and more complex to manage.  With approximately 60 VMs and the remainder of the estate on bare metal, NWP had significant oopportunity to improve.

The mission critical applications such as Exchange, Sharepoint, its CRM, and major analytics batch processes where not yet virtualized. NWP realized that the complexity of significantly moving the environment further down the virtualization path required more than just having admins spend more and more time looking after it.

Stepping back though, virtualization is just a means to an end and what the Infrastructure Engineering team really cared about was achieving quality of service at a competitive price point. The single most important KPI for Adam Gilbert, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer at NWP, was the nightly batch for the billing application. With a goal of 80 bills per minute.

With VMTurbo deployed NWP was able to both significantly improve their billing application performance and dramatically improve the efficiency of its data center.

Before VMTurbo was deployed NWP’s 60 VMs were evenly distributed across 16 hosts. Quickly following deployment, VMTurbo presented multiple recommendation to improve efficiency of the environment.

Efficiency Actions

Above is an example of efficiency recommendations VMTurbo generates, maximizing efficiency.

By executing on the action presented NWP was able to consolidate these workloads by 38%, freeing up 6 whole servers, and still identifying additional headroom on the 10 utilized hosts. Most importantly, all of the workloads residing on the consolidated footprint were actually performing faster than they were when evenly distributed across the estate.

By automating VMTurbo’s actions NWP as able to significantly increase the speed of the nightly batch.

Assure Performance Actions

Above is an example of preventative recommendations VMTurbo generates, assuring performance.

“We would hit 80 per minute often enough to be in the clear, but when we installed VMTurbo and completely automated, we have hit as high as 220 bills per minute. I don’t know what we would do without it.”

The improvement NWP saw was a 275% improvement in performance.

If you’d like to read the full case study go here and if you’d like to try VMTurbo in your environment download a free trial today.