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Eric Wright

Bring Demand-Driven Control to the Data Center - Thinking Like a Manufacturer

With the shift in manufacturing towards demand-driven inventory management, a new way of doing business became the norm for many organizations.  What was different with the idea of demand-driven processes was to shift the way that people interacted with the system and to enable the system to become the hub of the organization.

The System Knows Better

All of the fundamentals of lean manufacturing are around letting the system do the measurement on our behalf.  We provide the constraints based on availability of supply of resources, and the demand defines the throughput of the system.  Lean methodologies became widely accepted outside of manufacturing, most notably from contributors such as Eliyahu (Eli) M. Goldratt, author of The Goal.

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Technologists worldwide began reading The Goal and embracing the concepts of the Theory of Constraints and this was a powerful new way to look at process management as it applies to many industries.  Manufacturing was the natural place to begin, but it wasn’t long before people discovered that any environment that has workflows and processes is applicable to the ToC.

As more work continues to see the environment as a system, we become better at giving a new way to do things.  What we do lack in the system as it pertains to a data center is the ability to take these constraints and apply control into the system.

ToC for Infrastructure - The VMTurbo Way

We have a unique way that our patented economic scheduling engine creates what we refer to as the market in VMTurbo.  The very same practices that have powered the manufacturing sector have been brought into what we do in order to bring that same power to the data center.  The entire concept of assuring application performance while simultaneously using the infrastructure as efficiently as possible is rooted in the fundamentals of finance, manufacturing, and as mentioned above, the theory of constraints.

Using the same concept of the ToC, VMTurbo uses the invisible hand of the data center to find constraints, lift those constraints, and then move on to the next constraint.  This is a process that is continuous, and can be completely automated.  Where the true value comes in is where we see customers turning on automation to remove the constraint of needing human intervention to act upon the recommendations that VMTurbo makes.

With our most recent release, version 5.1 is extending the coverage even further into the applications by enabling control using our revolutionary Application Control Module. Using the same market that is continuously aware and making decisions about your infrastructure, we have now added more intelligence into the data center by now being aware of application performance down to threads, heap size, and more.

When you read about the Desired State it is important that we understand everything here.  Modern data center infrastructure and applications are very dynamic, as are the constraints.  This is the time to be able to leverage the same power that turned manufacturing into what it is today, and enable the system to be more effective, to be better controlled.

To find out more, join our upcoming webinar discussing enhancements with our version 5.1 release and click here to download VMTurbo to see how control will lift the constraints in your infrastructure today.