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Career Growth with Catherine Kellogg

Posted by Justin Graci on Oct 1, 2018 4:08:28 PM

Turbonomic has a culture of learners who stretch their boundaries and challenge themselves to become better each and every day. This constant learning is what fuels our success and keeps the work interesting. One person who has grown in big ways with Turbonomic is Catherine Kellogg, who is currently our Director of Field Marketing.

How has your career progressed at Turbonomic so far?

I didn’t come from a marketing background and had never worked in IT before coming to Turbonomic – so they clearly took a risk hiring me onto the marketing team four years ago. I started off developing content – case studies, white papers, data sheets – and that role naturally lent itself to working directly with sales to support their opportunities.

Since then, I’ve learned an immense amount about marketing, from content creation, to demand generation, and of course field marketing. I would say, however, that the most important thing I have developed and the skill that has helped me the most in my career progression is self-confidence. A great deal of my career success has come from being able to effectively communicate projects and campaigns to the necessary stakeholders – both in sales and in marketing – and to work closely with my sales counterparts to develop the best possible programs. Having the confidence that the decisions I’m making are the correct ones and being able to articulate those decisions has been invaluable to me personally.

You're now a Director of Field Marketing, managing the team that plans and executes events in tandem with our sales team. How is success measured for your team?

The number one most important thing to our team is that we are playing an active, and positive role in building pipeline for the sales organization. If we aren’t doing that – if we aren’t providing them the opportunity to set meetings, begin opportunities, and support those opportunities – then we are not doing our job. This is not unique to field marketing – the marketing team as a unit feels strong ownership over the development and support of the sales pipeline. Every program or event we run has that in mind.

The importance of field events and active opportunity support comes in providing the sales reps the chance to meet with their prospects and customers where they live. This allows for relationships to grow and strengthen, and our goal is that our event attendees walk away feeling good about the time they spent with us.

The success of each event very much lies within the strength of the collaboration between sales and field marketing. Both sides need to feel a sense of ownership, and both sides need to contribute equal effort.

How do you align with Sales to ensure Marketing is contributing to the overall success?

Communication is key, as is getting buy in from sales leadership. Our best programs come from collaboration with the sales leaders – the Regional Directors and Regional Vice Presidents – who act as an executive sponsor from the sales organization. Together we determine goals and desired outcomes, and work hand in hand to drive to those ends.

Most memorable moment at Turbonomic so far?

There’s so many, it’s hard to pick just one! I guess it would have to be stepping into my first director-level position, determining the strategy of sales support field marketing and managing a team of three. I’d be lying if I said that it’s been seamless and without difficulty, but it has been such a rewarding and exciting experience. I feel true ownership over the success of our campaigns, the success of the sales organization and the growth of my team members. I truly believe this opportunity is one that has been unique to my experience at Turbonomic!

Interested in joining me on this journey? We’re hiring!

About our featured employee

Catherine Kellogg joined Turbonomic in 2014 as our Content Marketing Manager, but quickly grew as the company scaled. She went on to run public relations, then on to becoming a program manager and running field events. Most recently she was promoted to Director of Field Marketing, where she leads a team in enabling our sales force with influenced pipeline to drive revenue. Prior to Turbonomic, She worked at Shneider Associates as an account executive.

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