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When It Comes Down to AWS and Azure – Which Cloud Do You Choose?

Posted by Mor Cohen-Tal on Apr 11, 2018 2:03:59 PM
Mor Cohen-Tal
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It Should Be a Straightforward Question: “What is the most cost-effective choice for my applications – AWS or Azure?”

When you have to choose between AWS and Azure, you need more than a preference. You need a detailed justification for the CIO, the CFO, and the Board.

Your justification needs to account for the individual profiles of each application and existing license agreements. You know that if you make the wrong choice, the license implications alone could cost your company millions in unnecessary cloud spend.

Typically your team will be engaged with AWS and Azure, and will likely have enlisted the help of expert consultants. And yet – why is it so hard to get a clear comparison?

The Industry-Standard Method of Cloud Selection Often Feels Like Dart-Throwing

For your specific applications, which cloud provides the optimal set of resources at the best cost?

Turbonomic enables our customers to make an intelligent, data-backed decision on which cloud (or clouds) fits your applications best, with a detailed explanation of the financial implications of each decision, now and in the future.

In five days, this is what Turbonomic recently delivered for a Fortune 500 insurance company with thousands of VMs:

  1. An inventory of their current on-premises environment
  2. A clear comparison of their cloud migration options:
    • Option 1: “Allocation-Based” Plan (a.k.a. “Lift and Shift”). This option shows the costs of a like for like / “lift-and-shift” of on-premises resources directly to AWS or to Azure.
    • Option 2: “Consumption-Based” Plan (a.k.a. “Turbonomic Optimized Plan”). This option includes the potential cloud savings if Turbonomic were to optimize their resources before shifting to the cloud. Turbonomic uniquely understands and accounts for the true needs of the application in its plan, which prevents organizations from carrying typical on-premises over-provisioning to the cloud.
    • Option 3: We further inform the decision-making process by showing multiple versions of consumption-based plans, to account for different licensing models:
      • Costs for On Demand Azure or Azure with RIs
      • Costs for On Demand AWS or AWS with RIs
      • Costs for Dedicated Hosts on AWS (which would allow them to use their existing license ELAs)
      • Costs on Azure with Hybrid benefit (to leverage existing Microsoft licenses)
  1. Finally, we show what actions Turbonomic can take to continuously optimize their cloud spend going forward, while still maintaining performance.

Result: A Clear, Data-Driven Decision

At the end of five days, this Fortune 500 company switched from their initial preference (in this case AWS), and decided to select Azure. For their particular application footprint, Azure proved to be millions of dollars cheaper over the first year alone.

We’ve had other customers make the opposite choice – moving from an initial Azure commitment to AWS – once Turbonomic Cloud Migration planning and continuous optimization helped them understand the best fit for their applications.

We have also seen customers choose a combination of AWS and Azure, to best align application fit while also enabling a multi-cloud strategy.

There is no one-size-fits-all-answer.

But there is definitely a right answer for your specific application needs – and Turbonomic can help you get there in a matter of days.

To learn more, please register for our upcoming webinar or visit the Turbonomic Cloud Migration Learning Center.

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