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Application-Aware Infrastructure with Cisco AppDynamics and Turbonomic

Posted by Eric Wright on May 2, 2018 8:28:36 AM
Eric Wright
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Filling out our portfolio of powerful new features inside Turbonomic 6.1 is the addition of out-of-the-box APM integration for a truly application-aware infrastructure automation platform. While some products lay claim to having more monitoring, that does not solve the challenge of delivering workload performance through automation driven by application QoS.

Using the newly integrated Cisco AppDynamics integration is a click away in the Turbonomic 6.1 targets settings, which extends our Cisco stack integrations to include application performance metrics using the AppDynamics agent already deployed in the environment.



With the integration of APM, Turbonomic introduced the Business Application entity and is able to dynamically discover the application topology, dependencies, and real-time performance data to not only show you where Turbonomic is improving workload performance, but as a lead in to deeper integration. Using APM as a real-time data source, Turbonomic is driving towards APM-influenced decisions and actions to better solve the challenges that Turbonomic solves today using our native application-aware platform.

Full-Stack Actions, Not Just Dashboards

Adding value to your existing AppDynamics platform is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Add AppDynamics as a target - this provides the deep integration of Turbonomic and the industry-leading Cisco APM platform which brings immediate and continuous discovery of the topology and application performance metrics.
  2. AppDynamics Issues Paired with Turbonomic Actions - In environments where Turbonomic is in manual or recommend mode, AppDynamics performance issues will also see actions available within Turbonomic that can alleviate or prevent a potential or active issue.
  3. See the Proof - by taking the actions within Turbonomic, you immediately get preventative and trustworthy decisions that can be fully automated to bring your environment into the desired state of continuous health across the entire IT stack



This full-stack approach will tie together dynamic actions from the application layer, through the container and VM, down through the hypervisor or public cloud platform, and finally through to the converged and physical infrastructure. Only Turbonomic is able to bring all of these

dimensions into consideration in real-time so that when actions appear in Turbonomic, they are made in the context of both the local and the holistic effect of every single action.

With Turbonomic, application performance metrics from AppDynamics drive better decisions through the infrastructure. This ensures that infrastructure is never the cause of application performance problems.

Look for future growth in this area as we bring more APM integrations together with Turbonomic and continue to add more to the AI-powered workload automation platform.


Learn all about the new features 6.1 in our 6.1 Turbonomic Learning Center - through demos, blog posts, and our "6.1 LIVE" event series.

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