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Introducing Cloud Cost Compare - Where to Run Your Next App

Posted by Ben Yemini on Oct 20, 2016 8:45:25 AM
Ben Yemini
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Today there are more choices than ever of where and how to run applications. Virtualization has made it easy to spin up a VM, containers make deployment even faster and public cloud services remove the need to procure, rack and mount hardware altogether.

More Choices, More Problems

More options do not always result in a better outcome. Developers and deployment engineers are at the forefront of building, deploying and improving the applications their business counterparts depend upon. With the plethora of options of where to run applications and the multiple considerations for delivering a reliable service without over spending on Azure, AWS or your favorite cloud this decision is getting more complex.

Where should you run that new or existing workload, where will it best perform, how much will it cost to run, how long will it take to figure all of this out?

More Choices, More Buyer Power

On the other hand, more suppliers makes life better for the buyers. Remember when travel aggregator sites first appeared on the market and companies like Kayak made it very simple to compare your options for flights. Air travel has been a commodity for a while the only question is how soon will public cloud compute and storage become one. Or maybe that has already happened.

Cloud Cost Compare = Kayak for Clouds

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce our latest free service. Cloud Cost Compare or C^3 (we’re still looking for another C so we can change the name to C4 :-) ). Cloud Cost Compare takes the details of your application and provides you with the best decision of where to run those apps to assure performance while minimizing costs.

The service leverages our Autonomic Platform and its core economic decision engine running in AWS. C^3 takes both real-time performance and cost considerations into account when making the decisions. It was built leveraging the expansive REST APIs our platform exposes. Hint, if you’ve got Turbonomic running in your data center you can do the same.
So try out Cloud Cost Compare today. It’s free and we’d love to get your feedback on how to improve it.

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