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Eric Senunas

Customers See Value Quickly After Deploying VMTurbo

A recent customer survey reveals that nearly three-quarters (72%) of those surveyed have 60% or more of their production systems virtualized.  Therefore, ensuring that business-critical workloads operate reliably is a top concern. To ensure that the quality of service delivery is maintained, many organizations resort to over-provisioning.

VMTurbo Customers are Progressing on Virtualization Journey

Unfortunately, the added capital and operational expenses associated with over-provisioning may be stalling further virtualization. Most of our customers (60%) use VMTurbo to solve for underutilized infrastructure, and leverage recovered assets to expand their virtualization initiatives. VMTurbo’s software-defined control system provides a unique approach to controlling complex and virtual cloud environments by allowing organizations to get the most out of their infrastructure without introducing risk to application workloads running in the virtual estate.

Solve Underutilized Infrastructure with VMTurbo

In fact, a whopping 80% of surveyed customers increased resource utilization by 20% or more since deploying VMTurbo, and another 55% increased IT staff productivity by 20% or more since deploying VMTurbo.

VMTurbo Significantly Impacts CapEx

VMTurbo Improves OpEx

Rather than collecting thousands of metrics about the environment and alerting IT Operations when something goes awry, VMTurbo continually tunes workload placement and resource configurations to ensure performance while maximizing infrastructure capacity. VMTurbo automates decision-making by prescribing actions (and can automate actions, if enabled) for operational staff, reducing the time they invest in trial-and-error troubleshooting. It’s this automated control that the overwhelming majority of our customers (89%) say differentiates us from our competitors.

VMTurbo's Automated Control is Differentiated

In addition, over 90% of our surveyed customers state that our time to value is a point of differentiation. An impressive percentage (89%) realized value within three months of deploying VMTurbo in their environment, with about one-quarter (24%) realizing value within 3 days!

See Value Quickly with VMTurbo

Simplicity was another theme in the results, with a large enterprise health care company summing up the simplicity of VMTurbo:

“VMTurbo is one of a kind and its simplicity in launching and letting everything run itself is invaluable in a busy IT setting. I don’t have time to configure an app and tweak it. VMTurbo is ready out of the box!”

VMTurbo drives value by:

  • Improving utilization of server and storage infrastructure by 20 to 40% or more
  • Meeting service delivery requirements by preventing performance degradation and bottlenecks
  • Improving operational efficiency, freeing up your most valuable technical resources
  • Funding innovation by freeing capital and human resources

See the published results of VMTurbo’s customer survey. Try VMTurbo free for 30 days and realize the value for yourself!