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Posted by Aditya Deo on May 8, 2018 5:18:28 PM

Career growth is something that all professionals crave and desire when they take a role within a company, no matter the size or industry. In fact, research released by Willis Towers-Watson shows that 70% of high-retention-risk employees are willing to leave because they're hitting a career ceiling, meaning they need development and advancement to stay happy. This is exactly why Turbonomic fosters a culture of development and opportunity.

I sat down to have a conversation with one of our developers, now turned engineering manager, Aditya Deo to discuss his progression and career growth with Turbonomic.

How long have you been with Turbonomic?

I've been working at Turbonomic for over six years now. I joined in 2012.

How did you find out about Turbonomic?

Turbonomic was a really small startup when I first joined. One of my senior friends from Columbia University had joined Turbonomic a year earlier. I met with Danilo Florissi, who is one of the founders, at a career fair at my school. That's where my journey began!

What made you want to join?

It was my first job out of school and I wanted to work on some core technical stuff. First thing I noticed about Turbonomic was the passion for work in people. The vibe and family feeling at Turbonomic definitely attracted me as well. I'm pleased to mention that the passion and warmth is still the same since six years ago, and I might even say that the passion has grown exponentially since then.

How has your position evolved over time here, and what helped or enabled you to move upwards or laterally within the organization?

Like I said, I joined as a software developer in February of 2012. Over the first five years I stayed on the technical side and moved across various teams which helped me in understanding different aspects of software development. I believe that the cross-functional moves across teams in the early days of my career helped me a lot in terms of evolving as a full-stack developer. I moved into an Engineering Manager role last year. The prior technical experience, support from the team and the support from upper management is really helping me evolve into this new managerial role.

What technologies or projects have you gotten to work on that you never expected?

Turbonomic has provided me countless opportunties in different areas with great impact across the board. Some of the projects which are close to my heart are Aggregator (to increase scalability of product), the Pure Storage integration project, Cisco UCS integration build, and developing the Orchestration platform (enabling automation). Leading Cisco Workload Operations Manager (CWOM) development was a special moment in my career at Turbonomic that I'll always remember. Another great aspect of working at Turbonomic is direct interaction with our customers. This is a great opportunity to see the impact of your work in the real world and develop your personal and professional abilities.

What is different about Turbonomic from most other companies in terms of a career as a developer?

Again, this is my first full-time job out of school, so it is difficult for me to compare with other companies, but based on the companies I've visited or heard from my friends - Turbonomic is 100% different. Working at Turbonomic presents you with exciting challenges every single day. The belief and trust provided in a developer is something really unique. Also, the team collaboration and brain power are big key differentiators for us.

What is it about Turbonomic that keeps you wanting to grow here?

There is something really special and unique about being here. The challenges are a big driving factor for me. The passion, work ethics and the amazing team I have bonded with is what has kept me at Turbonomic for over 6 years and I know there are definitely more years to come with this company!


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