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DXC and Turbonomic Partnership - Delivering Workload Automation at Scale

Posted by Louis Hunsucker on Aug 16, 2018 11:05:57 AM

In April of 2017, Managed Service Provider (MSP) heavyweights CSC and HPE Enterprise Services completed a historic merger to become DXC Technology. The combined entity has emerged as the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company. Looking back over a year since its creation, DXC’s mission statement and message to the market is clear: leading a global base of clients through their digital transformation journeys, built on a foundation of trust and transformation.

A few short months after the DXC merger, Turbonomic and DXC initiated a partnership focused on leveraging Turbonomic to deliver workload automation across DXC’s 6,000+ customers. Consistent with DXC’s mission statement, Turbonomic's workload automation platform enables DXC and their customers to minimize business risk and maximize savings. Turbonomic’s workload automation platform simultaneously optimizes performance, cost and compliance in real-time by ensuring that all workloads (on-prem and public cloud) get the exact resources they need at the right time. Thus, Turbonomic helps DXC’s client environments improve their delivery from a performance, cost, and compliance perspective.

DXC’s recently released Bionix delivery model proves that DXC is on the leading edge of service delivery, as it provides a comprehensive approach to intelligent automation. DXC launched Bionix in direct response to client demand for greater IT performance and the need to digitally transform traditional IT environments and processes. Bionix is built upon three core tenets: analytics and AI, lean processes, and leading automation capabilities. Turbonomic is foundational to the Bionix program and broader DXC automation initiatives. So much so that Mike Lawrie, CEO of DXC, applauded the success of the partnership in the Q4 2018 earnings call: “Through our relationship with Turbonomic we were able to optimize workflows and cloud environments to increase utilization of virtual machines and reduce the infrastructure cost.”

Looking to the future, Turbonomic will continue to bolster DXC’s delivery of digital transformations for global enterprises. As the entire market continues to evolve, we look forward to playing a key role in that transformation.


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