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David Fiore

Embracing Change - Bringing Control to the 21st Century Datacenter

Let’s face it, a lot of us don’t like change. It’s an unknown; we fight it. However, no matter what we do, it comes - we’ll either be swept along or left behind. It’s our choice.

Travel back to 1879 when Alexander Bell patented the telephone. Up to that point, people had mainly communicated using the telegraph. In the years after the telephone’s invention, some viewed it with suspicion and wariness, while many jumped on board, seeing its long term value. Eventually, everyone saw the superiority of the telephone and now the telephone is a way of life.

In the early 90’s the internet was in its infancy. The idea of using it to sell goods and services would have seemed ludicrous to most. Yet Jeff Bezos saw the rapid advances taking place and knew that if he didn’t innovate, someone else would. At first people were unsure that making online purchases would ever be practical. Now, it’s a way of life. In response to being asked if Amazon is too ruthless Bezos said, “Amazon isn’t happening to book selling, the future is happening to book selling.” Bezos believes that change happens whether we like it or not - the question is, will we be part of it?

Now we're in the 21st century. Computers have changed everything. With the arrival of virtualization, we can abstract the IT infrastructure, allowing us to gain significant resources and control over our environments. Virtualization also creates new challenges - we now live in a world with intricate dynamic virtual environments. These infrastructures are so complex, and move so quickly, that to analyze and process them on a human scale is impossible. Unfortunately, that is exactly what we have been trying to do. We have believed we have to be the ones controlling everything, trying to manage dynamic virtual environments with innumerable layers by hand. It’s like doing your taxes with paper and pencil rather than using a spreadsheet - we’re chasing today’s problems with yesterday’s tools.

These increased complications call for a fundamental change in how virtual environments are managed.

Enter VMTurbo. A software-driven control platform which doesn’t just manage your environment, but actually manages it for you. VMTurbo takes a fundamentally different approach to controlling virtual infrastructures. Instead of forcing humans to do the analyzing and monitoring manually, VMTurbo automates the process using software to drive your environment to where it should be. This new intelligence understands the needs of intricate virtual infrastructures and is revolutionizing their management.

Yet, as with every revolutionary idea, people are wary of change. The idea that analyzing and controlling has to be done manually is still ingrained in us - just like communicating via telegraph, traveling by horse, or using dial up. The old way, which deals with monitoring easy-to-understand, non-virtualized infrastructures, is inadequate for solving dynamic 21st century virtualization management problems. Hundreds of companies, ranging from JPMorgan to Aetna to, have jumped on the train and allowed VMTurbo to optimize their environments, improving their efficiency, agility, and performance.

In a world where technology advances exponentially, innovation is an imperative. VMTurbo is a new order of thought and the answer to current virtualization management needs. The question is whether you’ll join the curve of innovation and allow VMTurbo to optimize your environment like never before, or stay behind solving today's problems with yesterday's tools. It’s your choice.

Embrace change. Download VMturbo now, and see for yourself in one day its power to revolutionize how you manage your environment, driving it to a healthy state of performance and efficiency.