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Employee Spotlight: Marc Beckert (Part Two) - Resident Engineer

Posted by Justin Graci on Nov 21, 2018 12:56:17 PM

We had so much great content after sitting down with Marc that we had to split this into a two part blog series. In this blog he discusses the role requirements, why he joined and the top five things someone in this role must focus on to be successful.

We mentioned that this role requires someone who can listen well, consult when needed, educate and document work within an account. What's the importance of having these skills?

I think that the most important thing a resident engineer needs, is the ability to listen to the customer. That is to understand their business needs, business change control process and core requirements. Along the way applying and integrating Turbonomic into their day to day processes to drive value.

As a resident engineer, you are an extension of Turbonomic. You are the face of the product and need to be able to show the overall success of the product and the company behind it. It is super important to always communicate back to your TAM and or project manager, challenges and product issues as soon as you see, so they can get remediated ASAP. On occasion as a resident engineer, you will be called to participate in troubleshooting issues and or problems in the organization’s virtual infrastructure. Leverage those opportunities to showcase the success of Turbonomic as often there is management level & above exposure.

Why did you decide to join Turbonomic within this role?

As an engineer I felt that it is in my best interests to leverage my skillset and background in a capacity that I am proficient within and Turbonomic offered exactly that.

What're the top 5 things you focus on within this role?Communication – Super important to keep lines of communication open both ways between customer and Turbonomic.

  1. Communication – Super important to keep lines of communication open both ways between customer and Turbonomic.
  2. Listening to the Customer – Listen to their business & use cases, translate those into opportunities for Turbonomic
  3. Adhere to their policies – make sure if given production access, you respect it and not violate any of the customers polices.
  4. Project Driven – ensure that your focus is project drive and focused on a timetable for completion. You want deliverables from your services that are measurable.
  5. Driving success – work with your POC & get them to help drive the value, get them to engage with the right teams and groups to help sell the value of Turbonomic

What would your advice to someone considering joining Turbonomic as a Resident Engineer?

I would recommend you have a strong virtualization engineering background. In the example of my client referenced in my first blog, they are heavily into VMware vSphere for their on-prem infrastructure. You should be able to help the customer’s virtualizations team’s setup and leverage Turbonomic for their use cases as well as help identify other opportunities for the organization.  For off-prem Cloud initiatives, you should be proficient in the AWS and or Azure to make sure you can offer guidance and showcase opportunities for savings in both.

What was the ramp up and onboarding like upon joining as a Resident Engineer?

Internally with Turbonomic, the on-boarding was straight forward. Getting acclimated to the Turbonomic internal systems like email, Salesforce, Concur, share-file and sharepoint took a few days. I was able to shadow JP Sepulveres for a few Rapid Success Engagements prior to becoming a RE.

About our featured employee

Marc joined in July of 2017 as a Customer Success Manager. I previously worked for First Data, the DOD and Wilmington Trust as a virtualization engineer. My primary responsibility for Turbonomic was initially to perform Rapid Success Engagements (RSE) for our customers. Since there was an immediate need for a Turbonomic Resident Engineer (RE) to work and engage with a 'Big Four Accounting Firm', my background aligned with the customer's business needs and I have been dedicated to them since February of this year as a RE.

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