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Executive Dashboards in Turbonomic 6.1

Posted by Eric Wright on May 2, 2018 8:28:23 AM
Eric Wright
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One of the popularly asked for views in the Turbonomic community is a top-level view for both the on-premises and the cloud environments. Having this executive-level view helps to illustrate the value that your environment is getting thanks to Turbonomic. In the 6.1 release, we are proud to have these views available with our newly created Executive Dashboards.



Using these new views allows for a top-level holistic view of the overall environment and will be a popular item for those in management and throughout the IT organization.

On-Prem Executive Dashboard

Knowing the impact of actions taking by Turbonomic in your on-premises environment is particularly valuable, as we continue to hear from our customer community. The newly available Executive On-Premises Dashboard highlights the workload improvements achieved, and those that are available.

You will also see the distribution of workloads by performance, compliance, and efficiency clearly to help you understand where the actions in Turbonomic are available for your virtualization or private cloud stacks.



Seeing is one thing, but the most important thing that Turbonomic delivers to you that others cannot, is direct access to the actions which bring your environment into a state of continuous health. Context-specific actions are available directly in the view to bring you to where you need to be, and ensure that you are able to fully leverage the actionable decisions.



Cloud Executive Dashboard

Navigating your cloud environment can be challenging in the native cloud management portals, and leaves you and your team asking "how do I know that I am getting the most out of our public cloud?"

The Cloud Executive Dashboard brings those answers to you as well as much more. You can see the similar layout to the On-Prem Executive Dashboard which clearly brings you the workload improvements, and a graphical view of the distribution of actions by performance, compliance, and efficiency.



Detailed view of the Reserved Instance utilization has been added with the updated capabilities launched in 6.1 as well!



New Custom Widgets and User Experience

Beyond the provided default views, you can create your own custom views with a variety of widgets that let you create the experience you want within Turbonomic. Having a completely customizable canvas gives you the flexibility and control to get the right details you need. This has proven to be increasingly valuable as you move from taking actions to fully automating within and across your environment

By showing the value of the actions taken within Turbonomic, you gain the confidence of your operations teams, development teams, and business teams who are getting the benefit if increased workload performance, while safely increasing utilization of your hybrid infrastructure, and getting the most out of your cloud budget.


Learn all about the new features 6.1 in our 6.1 Turbonomic Learning Center - through demos, blog posts, and our "6.1 LIVE" event series.

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