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Ben Yemini

VMTurbo Customers Reduce False Positive Alerts and Decide Faster

In a previous post I mentioned findings from our latest VMTurbo customer survey and how VMTurbo can help virtualization teams increase productivity. The complexity of today’s virtualized data centers has significantly increased the time demands on the teams responsible for the care and feeding of the data center.

As one new customer – a midsize law firm with ~ 120 host environment – mentioned:

“The virtual environment has grown to a size where manually managing it has become very time consuming….our top engineers are spending costly days each month adjusting the environment to correct problems. When there are production issues, time is spent determining where the root cause is as each layer – virtualization, server, and storage – needs to be individually evaluated.”

So what are some of the tangible benefits VMTurbo provides to help reduce the demands on the engineering and VM teams. Our recent customer survey highlighted two of them 1) Reduce false positive alerts and 2) Reduce the time it takes to make a decision.

Within less than 60 minutes of deploying VMTurbo’s Operations Manager, VMTurbo begins to provide recommendations to bring to environment to a desired state. A state where performance is assured while the infrastructure is utilized as efficiently as possible. In this state, the number of false positive alerts is reduced as application workloads get the compute, storage and network resources they need to perform.

In fact, 49% of customers have been able to reduce false positive alerts by over 20%.

Customer Content verified by TechValidate.

The second area where VMTurbo saves our customers time is by reducing the time required to make a decision. A well-established metric in IT support is the mean time to resolution (MTTR). Typically a significant time spent to resolve an issue is focused on figuring out what to do to address the problem. Once the decision is made the actual fix, particularly with all of the control knobs in today’s software defined data center, is much quicker when compared to deciding what actions to take. With VMTurbo's recommendations, many of which can be automated, the time it takes to decide is significantly reduced.

That’s why 66% of VMTurbo customers have been able to decrease the time to resolve an issue by over 20%.

Customer Proof verified by TechValidate.

Achieving these types of efficiency gains in today’s highly complex environments is only possible through a software-driven approach which provides actionable and meaningful recommendations for all of the complex decisions required to manage the tradeoffs between the compute, storage and network resources in virtualized data centers.

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