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Turbonomic 5.6 extends control to any generic JVM

Posted by Nick Joseph on Jun 23, 2016 5:06:00 PM

With Turbonomic’s 5.6 release, we are introducing the Generic Java Virtual Machine (JVM) support. Turbonomic extends its control to JVMs such as Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss, and Tomcat to all JVM platforms. As part of our application control features, the Generic JVM integration provides your application and infrastructure teams the understanding of resource consumption on the application layer by adding heap utilization and garbage collection time for JVM applications into Turbonomic’s abstraction layer.

VMTurbo JVM support

Turbonomic's application control module supports any generic JVM

Your hypervisor does not see all necessary metrics

The hypervisor understands vMem & vCPU consumption of a virtual machine. For example, if the hypervisor sees high vMem utilization, it is a natural response to assign more memory to your application. But is this the best decision for the infrastructure? We must take into account all the other relationships within the environment and the interdependencies.


Your hypervisor cannot see all the necessary metrics on the application layer. It does not see nor understand heap consumption and garbage collection on the application layer for JVM applications. The heap utilization is defined by an area of memory used for dynamic allocation. Prior to the JVM running a program, the operating system allocates the heap to the JVMs in advance. When objects no longer need the storage, the garbage collection process occurs to reclaim resources. Garbage collection for JVMs has allowed developers to create new objects without worrying about heap allocation. However, when garbage collection occurs, the application is temporarily suspended which has a direct impact on performance and understanding how to appropriately resize the heap of a JVM application is important.

Turbonomic’s provides heap rightsizing for any generic JVM

By simply enabling JMX for your Java VMs through the Application Control Module, Turbonomic is able to see beyond the hypervisor and into the application layer. The abstraction layer brings a single-pane approach to assuring performance of your applications. Along with understanding resource consumption of virtual machines from the host and storage, Turbonomic will also understand the garbage collection process and heap utilization on the application layer. As a result, Turbonomic will provide real-time decisions to appropriately right-size the heap of your JVMs so performance isn’t impacted during the garbage collection process. Turbonomic will holistically understand the demands of workloads of your environment so that every real-time decision is fine-tuned to assure the performance of your applications while increasing your environment’s utilization.

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