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Ben Yemini

Goldilocks & Supply Chains with VMTurbo - Review by Aaron Delp

VMware vExpert Aaron Delp did an extensive review of VMTurbo Operations Manager's newest release the other week, and discussed in depth some of its most interesting new capabilities, such as the common data model - and the supply chain that visualizes all aspects of your environment (VMs, storage, hosts, etc.) as they are abstracted into data - as well as what he calls the Goldilocks state of operations. Here are a few highlights:

"VMTurbo works with all the major hypervisors and private/public cloud IaaS offerings. They cover vSphere, vCloud, Xen, Hyper-V, CloudStack (and Citrix CloudPlatform), OpenStack, Azure, and AWS. This is smart of them, really smart. I see workloads moving all the time to different environments (and sometimes moving back). Finding a tool to cover all possible infrastructure combinations is difficult currently."

He then discusses the VMTurbo Common Data Model:

"By taking a complex infrastructure and breaking it down into a Common Data Model (compute, storage, network, hypervisor, etc.) it becomes very easy to add new systems and components. Remember above when I stated that VMTurbo supports the various hypervisors as well as IaaS projects/products? At a very fundamental level all products break down in the same way (Common Data) and once broken down we can begin to understand the mapping between components. This mapping gives us greater insight into connections for root cause analysis as well as making additions of new components and software very easy because the initial mapping is already complete."

Delp is spot on in highlighting the importance of abstraction into data of the Common Data Model. Such abstraction enables not only mapping of the full data center environment, but also enables VMTurbo to drive it to a desired state of perpetual health - where application performance is assured while maximizing efficiency:

"VMTurbo uses this model to constantly monitor the resources demands and attempt to move and shift resources as needed. Think of it as VMware DRS for your entire infrastructure. The only way to do this is to map and understand the relationships of the infrastructure to the applications and how to make corrections as needed. VMTurbo attempts to provide a Goldilocks State of Operations to your entire infrastructure."

It's an interesting, comprehensive review of the newest version of VMTurbo. Head over the Aaron's blog to read his full review, entitled "Goldilocks & Supply Chains with VMTurbo". It's well worth your time...