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Plan your hardware refresh with customized storage and host templates

Posted by Asena Hertz on Jun 27, 2016 2:56:10 PM
Asena Hertz
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Planning for different future scenarios is one of the capabilities our customers love about VMTurbo. Consider these scenarios:

  • Your company just acquired another and you need to prepare data center consolidation.
  • Or you have finally gotten budget for a hardware refresh and need to know which storage array will give you the best performance you will need in the future.

Your plan will only be as accurate as the template used for calculations. So, VMTurbo 5.6 comes with the possibility to create your own template, share it in the Green Circle Community and browse through all the templates when planning with VMTurbo.
Here is how it works

1. Put your template in the Green Circle

Go to the Green Circle Template Exchange site, click on "create template" and fill in your storage or host metrics.


2. Customize your hardware templates in three simple steps

Step 1: In the policy tab you can update your infrastructure costs.


Step 2: By clicking "add" you will have the option to choose host and storage information that our customers and other community members have shared in the the Green Circle


Step 3: By clicking "use selected template" all fields will pre-populate, but you do have the option to change a metric, e.g.the price. Make sure to check the "Add to Infrastructure Cost Policy" box.


The template will then be available in your template catalog and you can use it for running plans.


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