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The Holy Grail of IT Operations: Controlling the Virtual Data Center in the Desired State

Posted by Shmuel Kliger on Sep 30, 2013 12:22:15 PM
Shmuel Kliger
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In last week’s blog post VMware Rejoins the Automated Service Assurance Debate, Bernd Herzog correctly states that “the single most difficult aspect of replacing management with automation” is the faulty assumption “… that problems can be correctly identified, and that fixes to them can be automatically and correctly applied.”  Bernd describes several reasons that this is not an easy task, given today’s state of the art management. The most critical one is that “given a set of metrics that are clearly out of bounds, translating those out of bound metrics into the correct action is an as of yet unresolved computer science problem.”  Hence, Bernd concludes under his headline, “The Holy Grail of Automated Problem Resolution” that, “therefore, the most realistically achievable form of automated problem resolution is in fact automated problem prevention which is precisely what VMTurbo is delivering today.

Do more with less - use VMTurbo to solve the Intelligent Workload Management Problem

Automated problem prevention may be the “Holy Grail of Automated Service Assurance,” but it is only half the story. To fully unleash the power of virtualization, IT organizations are being asked not only to assure service, but also to do more with less. Specifically, IT is being mandated to utilize the virtual data center environment as efficiently as possible. In this case, IT Operations is being challenged to solve a much more complex problem—what VMTurbo refers to as the Intelligent Workload Management Problem of how to assure application performance WHILE utilizing the environment as efficiently as possible.

The Holy Grail of IT Operations is a software-defined control system. VMTurbo is delivering software-defined control system that closes the loop of monitoring, analyzing and acting. It continuously and automatically controls workload placement and resource allocation to meet service levels at the lowest possible cost (i.e., keeps the virtual data center in the desired state).

In a recent TechValidate survey of our customers

  • 80% of customers increased resource utilization by 20% or more since deploying VMTurbo
  • 55% of customers increased IT staff productivity by 20% or more since deploying VMTurbo
  • 89% of customers realized value within 3 months and 24% realized value within 3 days of deploying VMTurbo

As one of our Fortune 500 manufacturing customers said “… The net result is that we are getting more value by achieving higher VM-to-host ratios while maintaining high levels of application performance and therefore user satisfaction.“

As we say, “The proof is in the pudding!” Try VMTurbo for yourself.

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