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How to create custom reports in Turbonomic

Posted by Joe Burke on Jul 1, 2016 10:40:35 AM
Joe Burke
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In a software-defined world who needs reports?  Nobody, that's who!


Look, I get it, some people (particularly the folks upstairs) need reports. If you think about it, the end goal of any report or piece of data should be to derive some sort of conclusion or decision out of it.  The good news is there is software that exists that can remove the complexity from this process and that essentially fast forward to these conclusions or decisions for you.  After all, that's truly what we are after with basic data collection, isn't it?

In any event, we understand that although the ultimate goal of data collection is to develop and complete an objective based on that data, to certain members of an organization the thought process behind how said objective was reached can often times be just as critical.

Think of mathematics for a second.  Every calculus professor I ever had required me to carefully detail each aspect of my thought process behind an answer even if the answer itself was 100% correct.  This is commonly referred to as "showing your work" and I always found it extremely tedious.  "Who cares about the work, the answer is correct!" I would exclaim. As you might expect that didn't always go over so well.

Anyway, enough rambling.  When it comes to making decisions regarding the data center some of us need justification and that's what this blog post is about.

Make no mistake about it, Turbonomic is a control platform.  It's software-defined control system for a software-defined data center.  It's a fundamental shift away from a traditional mindset of collecting, reporting, alerting and quite frankly waiting for something to go wrong, towards one of allowing software to perpetually control other software (in our case the virtual data center) in the healthiest state possible.

That being said, validating the how and why behind the madness is not only extremely useful but extremely easy with Turbonomic and I'm here to show you how.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Custom dashboards are a great way to craft a view set that you might want for specific situations and use cases.

1. To create a custom dashboard, begin by selecting the green + button from the home screen:


VMTurbo custom reports and dashboards how to step 1

2. From here, simply select the panel of choice and drag it to the open area on the right:


VMTurbo custom reports and dashboards how to step 2

Familiarize yourself with each of the different panels to discover which combinations and views best match your needs!

3. Once created, it’s easy to generate on demand PDF/XLS reports of your newly created dashboards for easy consumption


VMTurbo custom reports and dashboards how to step 3


4.You also have the ability to select “Save as Report” to have your custom dashboards appear as reports that can be scheduled for delivery via the Reports tab:


VMTurbo custom reports and dashboards how to step 4

5. That’s it. Custom dashboards to custom reports! Quick, simple, effective.


VMTurbo custom reports and dashboards how to step 5

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