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Andrew Mallaband

IaaS Providers Get Smart and Give Subscribers Greater Visibility and Control

IaaS is quickly becoming a commodity.  Enterprises and service providers deploying IaaS must look for new ways to differentiate their service offering so they can continue on their growth trajectory in the face of significant competition.

Having automated service provisioning to provide their subscribers with greater agility when deploying services, many IaaS providers we are working with are now looking at how they can help their clients maximize the ROI from the services they are consuming. One way to do this is to provide subscribers with greater visibility into their performance and utilization.

VMTurbo provides greater visibility into user's performance and utilization

There are two important drivers for this:

  • The first is to enable service providers’ tenants to optimize their ongoing costs by ensuring they are getting value for their money and not over-provisioning their services.
  • The second is to provide a more agile way for subscribers to analyze the environment when they experience application performance issues. In this context, they can eliminate the IaaS service as a contributor to issues without having to make support calls to their service provider. It also enables subscribers to identify when they should scale up components of the services they are consuming to meet increased demand and/or address performance bottlenecks.

In addition to providing their clients with differentiated performance and capacity management capabilities, our IaaS providers have told us it is also helping them to reduce their internal support costs because they are getting fewer support calls from subscribers who are now empowered with greater insight and control to support their decision-making. While providing this kind of insight to subscribers could potentially pose a risk to existing revenue streams, it is important that IaaS providers are progressive in their thinking. Those providers who do not embark on this journey risk losing business to their competitors.

VMTurbo provides a simple lightweight solution that can be deployed in minutes to address these requirements, without having to embark on costly custom software development projects or heavy professional services engagements. This is achieved through secure multi-tenancy capabilities that enable providers to extend the benefits of VMTurbo's decision analysis capabilities to their subscribers as an extension to their existing customer portal.