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Ben Yemini

VMTurbo Customers Improve Resource Utilization and VM Density

Virtualization drove huge efficiency gains. The technology has reduced the number of servers that need to be deployed, the costs associated with managing those servers, and the raw resources those serves consume (e.g. power). Chew on this: like-for-like server capacity occupies 100x fewer racks than 10 years ago.

But the pressure for most IT departments to continue to do more with less does not disappear. And, on the flip side, virtualization has made assuring performance much more challenging even when applying best practices.

We're proud that over 1,000 datacenters use VMTurbo to save millions of capital dollars, run leaner and increase VM density without having to sacrifice performance. As we mentioned earlier, assuring performance is the top challenge our customers solve with VMTurbo.

But let’s look at efficiency for a moment. TechValidate recently asked our customers to quantify the increased utilization in their environment that VMTurbo drove.

Customer Proof verified by TechValidate.

The data is remarkable. 87% of our customer base increased utilization by more than 20%. And, over 20% of our customer base saw an increase in resource utilization of over 60%. That means doubled headroom, deferred capex, and lower capex run rates in growing environments.

Let’s quantify that in real savings. For some of our smaller customers – a local city government, church organization or community college – who may be running a 10 host environment, a 20% increase would result in $18k of savings (assuming a conservative $9k per sever). And for many of our larger customers – a national insurance company, a managed service provider or a university – running a 200 host environment, a 20% increase in utilization would result in $360k of savings.

Now that’s the bare minimum. On average customers save much more. A customer we interviewed at VMworld says that VMTurbo paid for itself in 4 days. (We should raise our price!) Once we factor in packaged license application savings, improved staff productivity and performance assurance it’s easy to understand why 89% of customers see value after less than 3 months.

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