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Insider Recruiter Tips: We Hire Curious Learners

Posted by Justin Graci on Oct 30, 2018 4:02:17 PM

As we continue our series of insider recruiter tips that will help position you in the best way possible for an interview at Turbonomic, we’re releasing yet another characteristic that we look for in all of our candidates.

Does curiosity often strike you multiple times throughout the day? Do you find joy in learning new concepts or digging deeper into the technology you’re developing, selling or marketing? If yes, then you very well could be a great fit for our culture. We’re always on the lookout for candidates who express a curiosity to learn more and have a thirst and hunger to up-level their knowledge.

Coming from our CEO:

Our CEO, Ben Nye has told us at many company-wide meetings that his only wish for each and every employee at Turbonomic is that they leave the office each day, having learned at least one new thing. No matter how big or small, his hope is that you’re continuously learning, evolving and growing in your career. I think this is something we should all believe in within our everyday lives – both at work and outside of work.

Here is something many people, including some of our employees, don’t know… Ben received a business card from one of his first bosses/mentors early in his career and on that card, it reads “The Keys to Success: Never stop studying, dare to be right, and never give up.” Ben has held onto this card for many years in his wallet… if you see him in the office, ask him to show you. So why am I telling you this? Well, this quote has become engraved within our culture and is even plastered onto one of our conference room walls! It’s a great mantra to repeat to yourself when you’re finding yourself in a slump, should you ever have one of those days. It’s a constant reminder that we need to be continuously developing ourselves in order to achieve great things in life and if each of us does that, the company will rise to new levels as well.

Digging deeper into this:

Being a curious learner doesn’t mean that you’re always going off on your own to figure things out. It can also mean that you’re seeking out opportunities to learn from others at the company. Is there someone that impresses you? Was there a project that you’d like to know how it was done? We look for the candidates who are willing to step outside their comfort zone to connect with others around them to learn more. Being a curious learner doesn’t have to be siloed to the workplace, either. Are you the type of person who is trying new things in your free time, whether that’s picking up skiing, taking a cooking class, or learning how to assemble the motor of a car? These are the exact things we look for.

So, in closing, if you’re coming in to interview with us – make sure you take some time to think about how you’re learning on a daily basis and bring that in with you. We can’t wait to hear about it! If you’re interested in our open roles, check out our careers site to see if we have a role open for you.

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