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Celebrating International Women’s Day Part 2: International Women In Tech

Posted by Zoe Nageotte on Mar 9, 2017 9:14:24 AM

While yesterday was International Women’s Day, every day at Turbonomic we are awed by the talented and inspirational women who work at our offices globally. Looking across the pond to the women in our UK office, here are some stories they shared about the international perspective.

Lila Haffey, Turbonomic Women in Technology member

Lila Haffey

EMEA Talent Acquisition Associate

When I was in college I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do and what I wanted my career to look like (like most young people who feel overwhelmed by the thought of graduating). My dad gave me some of the most valuable advice my Senior year: join the technology industry because there will always be growth and opportunities to make an impact. I had absolutely no background in technology but I took his advice. Three years later here I am working out of our EMEA office alongside other like-minded, intelligent and motivated women changing the world! Being on the Talent Acquisition Team at Turbonomic I use my passion for shaping the world and building a diverse culture to hire a multifaceted team. My experience at Turbonomic is something I will be forever grateful for and something that I never dreamed would be possible, so thanks Dad!

Rachel Fagut, Turbonomic Women in Technology member

Rachel Fagut

Global Account Manager, EMEA Service Providers

I grew up in my dad’s bike shop. Although bikes and Tech Sales may not be logically correlated, I have always attributed those years with my dad as the start of my current career. For sales specifically, my dad taught me that passion is the best closer. As long as you have a passion for what you do, and what you’re selling, you will be successful. Luckily, I found my passion for Tech while studying at Boston College. I was fortunate enough to take part in activities such as the Google Leadership Lab and Tech Trek, which exposed me to many different tech companies and cultures. At BC, I also had the opportunity to lead our Women in Business chapter. Through WIB, I learned how to be a confident woman in business, and how to leverage my specific skills to be successful. Turbonomic has been the perfect storm for me to put my passion, confidence, and interest in technology into practice. Having been moved to our UK office, I have been allowed the freedom to develop myself as a leader, while gaining international experience in an extremely dynamic work environment.

Zoe Nageotte, Turbonomic Women in Technology member

Zoe Nageotte

EMEA Marketing Manager

My first post-graduate job was at a PR agency where we represented a range of B2B and B2C clients in several different industries. I found myself consistently drawn to our technology focused clients because they were developing the most innovative ideas while operating in an industry that was constantly changing—there was no possibility of boredom or stagnation. Wanting to broaden my professional experience, I joined Turbonomic for an opportunity to manage EMEA marketing in the U.K. office. I am lucky. Moving to a new company in a new country could’ve been too much change at once, but the amazing team in this office, as well as the team in the U.S., made the move a no-brainer. Being part of a global network of intelligent and unique women working towards the same goal is a life-changing experience.

Jennifer Clark, Turbonomic Women in Technology member

Jennifer Clark

EMEA Account Executive

I joined the IT industry by accident. Prior to working at Turbonomic, I was in insurance where each day is very much like the last. I quickly found myself questioning whether the comfort of my role was worth the mind numbing monotony. The Turbo HQ, as it happens, was directly across the street from my office. Craving a new challenge and having heard through the grapevine about Turbo's rapid growth, I applied on a whim. I didn't realize at the time that the change would flip my life upside down. Since then I've moved to the UK as part of an international sales team -, a change that has contributed massively to both my personal and professional development. In stark contrast to my life in insurance, each day in IT presents a new and exciting challenge that requires me to think creatively to translate technical criteria into tangible business value. On a personal level, being part of an international team has fueled my appreciation for diversity and equality in the work place. My career in technology has been extremely rewarding so far - and given the dynamic nature of the industry, I have no doubt that my career will be defined by continuous learning.

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