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Introducing Turbonomic 6.0: Control Beyond Public Cloud Compute

Posted by Yoni Friedman on Sep 27, 2017 1:10:30 PM

In the past few years, we have witnessed multiple industries being disrupted by software innovators (Amazon, Netflix, Tesla and others). The success behind the industry disruptors is primarily due to better experience they provide their customers through digital channels and their ability to constantly learn and improve that experience. In order to thrive in the digital era and not be displaced by the next disruptor, companies must have a digital transformation agenda and an accompanying IT transformation strategy.

Companies have traditionally used monitoring and reporting to manage their IT assets, but this approach has become unworkable as technology has become more varied, requiring a lot of specialized skills, and has scaled beyond human capacity.

Turbonomic was founded on the idea that you need to take a different approach – instead of monitoring and waiting for problems to occur, you need to prevent the problems from occurring in the first place. By constantly matching the infrastructure supply with the application demand and adjusting allocation of resources to workloads accordingly, you can optimize performance and cost, while staying in compliance. And because this has to happen in real-time, it can only be managed by software; not by people.


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For the past 8 years, our customers have been used Turbonomic technology to apply this approach in their data centers, and the results have been staggering: slashed capital costs, drastic reductions in alarms, both real and false, and massive boosts in IT worker productivity.

With the release of Turbonomic 5.9, our customers were able to apply this same approach to their workloads running in public clouds, a major step forward. Today, with the release of Turbonomic 6.0, our customers can take a giant leap forward, by extending Turbonomic’s self-management capabilities beyond public cloud compute.

Top 4 Turbonomic 6.0 features include:

Control Public Cloud Storage Services

Understand the consumption of storage services and adjust to the right storage tier in the cloud, controlling IOPS, capacity and placement. Turbonomic can adjust to higher or lower storage tiers (non-disruptively on AWS), determine the right tier as part of cloud migration planning, and identify and remove ghost and unattached storage instances.

Control Public Cloud Relational Database Services

Understand the consumption of relational database services and adjust to the right size in the cloud. Turbonomic can adjust to higher or lower database tiers to meet demand.

Complete Instance Cost Visibility

Get full visibility into the cost of your cloud instances. Turbonomic automatically discovers, calculates and presents all compute, licensing, IP address, and storage costs on a per cloud instance basis.

Reclaim Idle Resources

Identify idle instances based on historical and real-time consumption, and control their suspension and activation to optimize costs. With 6.0, Turbonomic can suspend and reactivate instances automatically or based on a user configured schedule.

Looking Forward

Over the next few weeks, look for additional blog posts where we’ll provide details on some of these exciting new Turbonomic 6.0 features. In the meantime, make sure to visit the Green Circle Community to see what Turbonomic customers are saying about version 6.0 and to watch for continuing updates on how to leverage these new capabilities. Together with Turbonomic, you can finally unleash the elasticity of your hybrid cloud environment.

Thank you from the team at Turbonomic and we hope to see you at an event soon.  Join us for our Turbonomic 6.0 release webinar, details here, to learn about these and other new features.

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